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Japanese Internment Camps

By DallasS
  • Letter to President Roosevelt

    Letter to President Roosevelt
    According to Satsuki Ina of PBS.org, representative John Dingell wrote a letter suggesting the incarceration of 10,000 Hawaiian Japanese Americans to ensure "good behavior" on the part of Japan.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan

    Attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan
    Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor sparks the fear of Japanese Americans.
  • FDR Signing Exec Order 9066

    FDR Signing Exec Order 9066
    Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 after the attacks on Pearl Harbor during WWII, which cleared the way for Japanese deportation to internment camps. According to PBS.org, the order allowed military authorities to exclude anyone from anywhere without trial or hearings.
  • The Removal Begins

    The Removal Begins
    The first large group of Japanese Americans were given 48 hours to leave their homes near Los Angeles. They were only allowed to take what they could carry.
  • "Concentration Camps"

    "Concentration Camps"
    Idaho agrees to allow Japanese Americans in only if they are in "concentration camps under military guard."
  • Public Proclamation No. 1

    Public Proclamation No. 1
    Gen. John L. DeWitt issues Public Proclamation No. 1 which creates two military areas in the western states. After this many more sprouted up in various areas throughout the country.
  • Executive Order 9102

    Executive Order 9102
    President Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9102, which creates the War Relocation Authority (WRA). The WRA is responsible for the relocation of Japanese Americans.
  • First Inmates

    First Inmates
    The first inmates arrive at camp in Idaho. Within the next month other camps around the country begin to house inmates.
  • Internment Ends

    Internment Ends
    Public Proclamation No. 21, effective on January 2, 1945, declares that the relocated Japanese Americans are allowed to return to their homes.
  • Last Camp Closes

    Last Camp Closes
    The only remaining camp at Tule Lake, California closes. It was the biggest camp of the 10, once containing 18,789 inmates.
  • Period: to


    Japanese Americans and other organizations call for reparations due to their forced evacuation and internment. On August 10, 1988, President Reagan signs H.R. 442. This gives each surviving internee $20,000 in reparations and $1.25 billion education fund is created.
  • H.R. 442

    H.R. 442
    President Raegan signs H.R. 442, giving each surviving internee a reparation payment of $20,000. This also created a 1.25 billion dollar education fund.