Japanese Internment

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  • Period: to

    Japenese internment

  • After Pearl harbor

    After Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, Presidential Proclamation No. 2525 authorizes Attorney General (AG) to conduct a round-up of suspects, many of whom had been under surveillance prior to the bombing.
  • Pearl harbor

    Japan bombed pearl harbor in a suprise attack.
  • Bans

    FBI warns against possession of cameras or guns by suspected "enemy" aliens
  • Areas

    AG Francis Biddle issues first of a series of orders establishing limited strategic areas along the West Coast and requiring the removal of all suspected "enemy" aliens from these areas.
  • Executive order 9066

    Franklin d. Roosevelt signed an order to round up 120,000 japenese americans to be relocated in one of the 10 relocation centers.
  • mass groups

    The Navy informs Japanese American residents of Terminal Island near Los Angeles Harbor that they must leave in 48 hours. They are the first group to be removed en masse.