Japanese American Internment

  • Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

  • United States declares war on Japan

  • Executive Order 9066

    Order 9066 authorizes the removal of Japanese Americans from the west coast.
  • War Relocation Authority created to run internment camps

  • Japanese Americans from Hawaii form an infantry

  • All adult internees forced to answer loyalty questionnaire

  • Internees allowed to return to the West Coast

  • Japan surrendors and World War II ends

  • Japanese immigrants gain right to become U.S. citizen

  • Commision on Wartime Relocation and internment of civilians formed

  • CWRIC recommends apology and $20,000 payment per internee

  • Civil Liberties Act of 1988

    This provides for $20,000 payments to former internees,
  • First $20,000 payment made