Japan 1931 - 1990 Humanities A/B Michael Yu

  • Japanese gain Southeast Asia

    Japanese gain Southeast Asia
    The Japanese needed oil, rubber, and many other resources. Soiutheast Asia had all of them!!! To get Southeast Asia, the Japanese government created a "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperitu Sphere," which united all of Southeast Asia under Japan's rule!
  • Japanese prepare for war with the US

    Japanese prepare for war with the US
    The Japanese bombers attacked the US military base. The bombing surprised the people of the US, which led to the Pacific war.
  • Japans empire turns big

    Japans empire turns big
    After the Japanes won many victories, in Southeast Aisa, they ruled an empire that stretched from the Aleutian Islands to the Western Pacific. Also Wake Island west to Burma.
  • US use their secret weapon

    US use their secret weapon
    At the end of 1944 the Americans bombed the Japanese to surrender, but they refused. The US decided to use their secret weapon to end the war, the atomic bomb. 1945, August 6, dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.(first ever used) Few days later on Nagasaki. Many people were killed, Japan had lost.
  • American occupation comes to an end

    American occupation comes to an end
    A peace treaty was signed with most of the countries Japan went war with. Afterwards a security treaty was signed with the US so they could have military bases and troops in Japan