James buchanan

James Buchanan #15

By ELB2008
  • birth of the 15th president

    birth of the 15th president
    James Buchanan was born on April 23 1791 in Cove Gap Pennsylvania.
  • college

    James Buchanan graduated Dickinson College in Pennsylvania
  • becoming a lawyer

    becoming a lawyer
    after graduating from Dickinson he went on to study law in Lancaster Pennsylvania.
  • lawyer

    he was admitted to the bar and went on to be an established lawyer.
  • representative

    he was elected the Pennsylvania house of representatives as a member of the federalists party
  • war of 1812

    war of 1812
    James Buchanan had answered a call to enter the war. his regiment saw no action.
  • marriage?

    he was engaged to Ann Coleman, but her parents did not approve. she had to call it off and she died shortly after.
  • fortune

    before Buchanan was 30 he was worth over 250,00 a sizable fortune. because of his legal skills.
  • congress

    he served in congress from 1821-31
  • effort

    Buchanan's strong effort helped Andrew Jackson win the presidental election.
  • niece

    he was the legal gaurdian of his niece harriet lane. she was born in 1830. she served as his first lady while he has in office.
  • work

    after Coleman's death he poured himself into his work. and aimed for a seat in the us representative. he served inn congress from 1821-31
  • reelection

    after Jackson was reelected he appointed Buchanan the envoy to Russia.
  • senate

    returning from ST. Petersburg he won a US state senate seat.
  • house keeper

    house keeper
    he had a house keeper who stayed with him until his death. miss Hetty.
  • hesitant

    Buchanan had hopes for the campaign for many years ( 1844, 1848, and 1852) but when he finally got it he was hesitant to take it.
  • groth

    during the decade he was president the population grew by 26%
  • plantations

    the plantations in the south doubled. heavy industry was concentrated outside the region.
  • election?

    he returned home and plotted to gain the 1852 democratic nomination.
  • Kansas and slavery

    Kansas and slavery
    the Kansas Nebraska act was passed 3 years before Buchanan was elected. it made it so Kansas could vote to be a slave free state. then Buchanan had to accept the results.
  • dividing nation

    dividing nation
    some wanted slavery to be abolished and others did not. southerners were angered.
  • republicans

    when they won, every significant bill they passed was either fell before southern votes in senate or was vetoed by Buchanan.
  • harpers ferry raid

    harpers ferry raid
    John Brown armed slaves and were rebelling slavery. they moved south hoping to attract more slaves. Buchanan captured Brown.
  • oil

    oil was found in Pennsylvania creating a new energy source.
  • Lincoln

    the tension between Buchanan and Douglas snapped leading Lincoln to win the election.
  • retirement

    after leaving office Buchanan retired and moved back to his home Wheatland in Pennsylvania.
  • telegraph

    the telegraph service was invented during his time in office.
  • book

    after the war he decided to wright a book about his life. the public ignored the book.
  • vanished

    after his book was published he vanished from the public. he only saw close friends and family. in his home where he retired.
  • death

    he died June 1 1868