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Israel Keyes, True Crime timeline

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    Included here are the four confirmed victims (Debra Feldman, Bill & Lorraine Currier, Samantha Koenig) as well as Keyes' most likely additional victims. In episode 215 Josh provides new insights about Lauren Speirer (1:03:58), Jimmy Tidwell (1:08:38), Suzy Lyall (1:13:18) and Del Sample (1:17:43). He mentions Kami & Eugene (1:13:01), and lists 5 other likely victims (1:17:17).
  • Birth

    Israel Keyes was born in Richmond, Utah to Heidi and John Jeffrey Keyes
  • Deschutes River assault

    Keyes claimed he abducted a teen girl in late afternoon/ late evening on the Deschutes river. She was tubing with her friends when the abduction occurred. Keyes sexually assaulted her and then let her go tube down the river. The victim is believed to be between 14 and 18, and Keyes said her name was something like Lena or Leah. Investigators believe the case was never reported to law enforcement. Keyes was living in Maupin, Oregon and the abduction most likely took place near Maupin.
  • Suzy Lyall disappears from Albany, NY

    Suzy Lyall disappears from Albany, NY
    Suzanne Lyall disappeared after getting off the bus near the SUNY Albany campus. Josh believes she may have been Keyes' first American victim. A tip places him staking out an Albany parking lot in 1998; Lyall's name was found in the search history on Keyes' computer; and that year matches the "14 years" Keyes said he'd been "two people." The case is discussed in depth in episode 17, and again in episode 215 at the 1:13:18 mark.
  • Keyes enters the military

    Keyes enters the military
    Israel Keyes was processed into the Army Processing Office in Albany, NY.
  • Period: to

    Military Service

    Keyes served in the U.S. Army from 1998 through 2001 at Fort Lewis, Fort Hood, and in Egypt.
    Specialist, 5th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division
  • Discharged from the military

    Keyes was honorably discharged from Fort Lewis on July 8, 2001, at the rank of specialist. Records indicated Keyes was awarded the following decorations and awards: Army Achievement Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar, Expert Infantryman Badge, and Air Assault Badge.
  • Period: to

    Neah Bay, Washington

    Keyes lived in Neah Bay, Washington. He and Tammie lived together until May or June of 2004
  • First murder?

    FBI believes it occurred after he left the army but before his daughter was born. Single victim, strangled, taken from or killed in Washington. Keyes mentioned camping? Tammie mentioned a missing neighbor whose death was ruled accidental while hiking. S1E6 ~18:30m
  • Birth of Keyes' daughter

    Israel and Tammie's daughter was born in October of 2001. Keyes later had primary custody of his daughter (called "Sarah" on the podcast), after Tammie began struggling with addiction.
  • Kami & Eugene disappear, Boiler Bay, OR

    Kami & Eugene disappear, Boiler Bay, OR
    Kami Vollendroff (16) and Eugene Hyatt (18) were last seen headed to look at the tide pools at Boiler Bay State Park on the Oregon coast. Authorities believed they may have been swept out to sea. Other evidence suggests Kami was kidnapped and trafficked. Josh thinks they were Keyes' PNW couple, and discusses the case in episode 7, "Rogue Wave".
  • Father dies

    John Jeffrey Keyes dies
  • Alice Looney murdered near Wapato, WA

    Alice Looney murdered near Wapato, WA
    Alice Ida Looney was reported missing from her home in eastern Washington on August 16, 2004. Her body was found wedged under a tree in Satus Creek about 12 miles southeast of Toppenish on Nov. 30, 2005. Very little is publicly known about her life or disappearance. Her case is discussed in episode 212 at the 19:45 mark.
  • Kimberly Forbes disappears from Hood River, OR

    Kimberly Forbes disappears from Hood River, OR
    Kimberly Ann Forbes was last seen at her home the evening before her disappearance. She told her daughter she planned to meet a friend for breakfast the next morning before going shopping in Portland, but Kimberly never arrived to meet her friend. Her Ford Explorer was found almost 3 weeks later abandoned in Gresham, Oregon (over 50 miles from her home) with the rear window broken. The case is discussed in episode 211 at the 17:30 mark.
  • Del Sample disappears from Centralia, WA

    Del Sample disappears from Centralia, WA
    Delmar Wayne Sample was last seen getting gas near Centralia, WA. He had told friends he was going hiking in Tillamook, OR. Two days later, park rangers noticed his truck parked near Lake Quinault, on the southern edge of Olympic National Park, 200 miles north of Tillamook. Josh thinks Keyes may have moved Sample's body to Hunters, WA due to flooding. The case is discussed in episodes 9 (19:39), 213 (34:10) and 215 (1:17:43).
  • Israel buys a boat

    Israel buys a boat
    Keyes bought the boat which he later used to dispose of at least two bodies; one of those bodies was disposed in Crescent Lake, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.
  • Wendy De Hoop disappears from Eugene, OR

    Wendy De Hoop disappears from Eugene, OR
    Wendy De Hoop disappeared Friday morning after dropping her husband off at his job at the Home Depot on Green Acres Road. Her Camry was found 10 days later in a wooded area 6 miles away on the south side of Eugene. Her case is covered in episode 214 at the 9:03 mark.
  • Israel works on the boat

    Israel began reupholstering the boat he bought from Joe shortly after buying it. Blood evidence was found under the new upholstery, indicating that someone was murdered on the boat in mid- to late-April.
  • Mike Mason disappears from Sequim, Washington

    Mike Mason disappears from Sequim, Washington
    Steven Michael Mason disappeared from a campsite near Sequim after an argument with his wife the previous day. Mike was a handyman at the VFW in Sequim, where Keyes was a member. The case is discussed in episode 9 at the 23:49 mark and again in the update episode in season three, "The VFW (Keyes Update)".
  • Israel picks up an ATV

    According to emails with his friends, Keyes was supposedly "picking up an ATV in Ridgefield, OR" on Thursday, June 22nd. No such ATV seems to exist and Ridgefield is in southern Washington, not Oregon.
  • Period: to

    Anchorage, Alaska

    Keyes lived with Kimberly in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Move to Alaska

    Move to Alaska
    Keyes drove from Neah Bay, Washington to Anchorage, Alaska. He resided there until his arrest. He made known stops in Cache Creek, British Columbia; Watson Lake, Yukon; Destruction Bay, Yukon; and Teslin, Yukon.
  • Kathy McBroom disappears from Anchorage, AK

    Kathy McBroom disappears from Anchorage, AK
    Sheila Kathleen McBroom disappeared from Anchorage during Keyes' mysterious "North Dakota" trip. She had been driving erratically earlier that day. Kathy had a blog where she talked about her Mormonism and true crime. She'd been trolled online about a fire that destroyed her church. The case is discussed in episode 214 at the 29:57 mark.
  • Debra Feldman, NJ

    Debra Feldman, NJ
    Debra Feldman disappeared from Hackensack, NJ on April 9th, a day before Keyes robbed a bank in Tupper Lake, NY. Keyes admitted to "taking" a woman during that trip, but denied knowing Debra. When shown a photo of her, Keyes said, "I don't want to talk about her." Both Debra Feldman and the bank robbery are discussed in depth in episode 11, "Patterns".
  • Tupper Lake, NY Bank Robbery

    Tupper Lake, NY Bank Robbery
    Keyes robbed a community bank in Tupper Lake New York. Afterwards, he stated he parked in a nearby campground out of the area to wait for emergency vehicles to pass. He claims to have spent multiple hours sitting in the campground.
  • Keyes in Indiana

    Israel flew into Chicago then drove to his mother's house in Harlan, IN, where he stayed for 3 or 4 days before continuing on to Vermont to kill the Curriers.
  • Lauren Speirer disappears from Bloomington, IN

    Lauren Speirer disappears from Bloomington, IN
    Lauren Speirer was last seen in the early morning hours of Friday, June 3rd after a night of drinking and drug use with a series of friends. She disappeared without a trace. Josh discusses the possible connection with Keyes in episode 13 at the 6:35 mark, and again in episode 215 at 1:03:58.
  • Bill & Lorraine Currier, VT

    Bill & Lorraine Currier, VT
    Keyes flew from Anchorage to Chicago on June 2, rented a car and drove to Vermont. He abducted and murdered Bill & Lorraine Currier on June 8. He disposed of a gun stolen from their home & the gun he used to shoot Bill in Blake Falls Reservoir. These weapons were recovered by the FBI. On June 15, Keyes flew from Chicago to San Francisco, stayed one night, and returned to Anchorage on the 16th. The Currier case is discussed at length in season one, in particular episode 4, "The Farmhouse".
  • Abduction of Samantha Koenig, Anchorage, AK

    Abduction of Samantha Koenig, Anchorage, AK
    Keyes abducted Samantha Koenig from her job at a coffee shop and took her to a portable shed in his driveway where he raped & killed her. He left her remains in the shed for 2 weeks while he went on a cruise & visited his mother. Keyes was arrested six weeks after the murder, after using Samantha's ATM card while at his sister's wedding in Texas. The case is discussed in depth in episode 2, "Daughters".
  • Family vacation

    Flight to Houston on the 2nd (hours after the murder) with Kimberly and Sarah, then drive to New Orleans for the Carnival Cruise in the Caribbean from 2/6-2/11. Keyes and Sarah then stayed in Dallas, TX with Keyes' mother until flying back to Anchorage on the 18th.
  • "Stuck in the mud"

    Keyes left Sarah with his mother, saying he was "going to bury guns." He was gone for 3 days, claiming to be stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere, then at Cleburne Mall in Cleburne, TX, the evening of the 14th. Heidi finally found Keyes the evening of the 15th, and they drove the hour back to her house in Dallas.
  • Jimmy Tidwell disappears from Mount Enterprise, TX

    Jimmy Tidwell disappears from Mount Enterprise, TX
    James 'Jimmy' Tidwell disappeared from his cabin in mid-February. Josh believes Keyes staked out locations to find a victim (Glenrose), commit the murder (Aledo), and dump the body (Pat Cleburne Lake) during the time he was "stuck in the mud" on the 13th-14th, then murdered Tidwell on the 15th before meeting Heidi at Cleburne Mall that evening. The case is discussed in episode 16 at the 26:49 mark, and again in episode at 1:08:38.
  • Bank Robbery, Azle, TX

    Bank Robbery, Azle, TX
    Keyes robbed the The National Bank of Texas in Azle, TX a few hours after burning down a house about 30 miles away in Aledo (both outer-ring suburbs of Fort Worth). He got away with about $10,000.
  • Burglary & Arson, Aledo, TX

    Burglary & Arson, Aledo, TX
    Keyes burgled and burnt down a house. He says he set the fire as a distraction so that he could rob a nearby bank, but he lost track of time watching the fire and failed to make it in time. Later that afternoon he robbed The National Bank of Texas in Azle, TX, about 30 miles away (both outer-ring suburbs of Fort Worth).
  • Running errands, Jacksonville/Houston

    Cell phone pings show Keyes buried the bank robbery money near the Houston airport on the 17th, and a Walmart receipt places him in Jacksonville buying lube, a shovel & air freshener. Josh suspects that later that day Keyes returned to Tidwell's body at Lake Pat Cleburne before going to Heidi's for his last night in TX. These errands bring the rental car mileage to ~2600, just a couple hundred miles short of the mileage reported.
  • Dismemberment & disposal of Koenig's remains

    Dismemberment & disposal of Koenig's remains
    Keyes strips the murder shed on his property in Anchorage, where Samantha's body has been kept. He takes the ransom photo and dismembers Koenig; burns Koenig's purse and clothes. From 2/18-2/20 he disposed of Koenig's remains in Matanuska Lake, in Palmer, AK.
  • Capture and Arrest

    Capture and Arrest
    Following the murder of Koenig, authorities tracked Keyes' ATM ransom withdrawals made with Koenig's debit card, identified his vehicle, and caught him March 12, 2012. He was arrested by Texas Highway Patrol in the Cotton Patch Café parking lot in Lufkin, Texas. He was seized for fraudulent debit card use and was a suspect in the Koenig murder. Keyes was held at Anchorage Correctional Complex and, March 30-April 1, 2012, confessed guilty (of other crimes as well) and was indicted on April 18th.
  • Death

    While being held in Anchorage Correctional Complex in Anchorage, Alaska following his arrest and awaiting trial, Keyes committed suicide in his cell on December 1, 2012 and was discovered dead on the 2nd. He had inflicted fatal wrist cuts on himself and had performed self-strangulation using a rolled bed sheet. Keyes left a suicide note, but didn't provide any further information about his victims or crimes. He also drew 12 skulls and the word "Corozal" in his own blood.