Iraq War

  • Saddam Hussein

    Saddam tried to assassinate former prime minster of Iraq
  • He's now dictator!

    Saddam Hussein is now the new dictator oif Iraq
  • Get ready for war!

    Predsident Bush announced war against Iraq
  • Hussein was arrested

    The once powerful leader of Iraq was arrested but U.S soldiers
  • Saddams Removal from power

    Saddam Hussein is removed from power, Iraqs new leader is surpised with a ceremony
  • R.I.P Hussein

    Saddam Hussein was hung at an execution chamber in Baghdad
  • Lets end the war

    Deals were made that ends U.S role
  • Thank you Obama

    President Barack Obama ends 7 year combat mission
  • Bye Bye Iraq

    President Obama said that the last of the U.S soldiers would leave Iraq at the end of the year
  • End of war

    U.S war in Iraq is offically over