important events of Kafka's life

Timeline created by cata191919
  • Franz was born on Prague

  • Kafka completed his law degree and embarked on a year of unpaid work as a law cerk

  • Kafka found work with an Italian Insuarance Agency

  • He worked in Workers Accident Insurance Institute for Kingdom of Bohemia

  • He wrote 'the metamorphosis' with Mediation, a collection of short stories

  • The book 'the metamorphosis' was published

  • Franz completed 'The judgement' which spoke about the relashionship between he and his father

  • Kafka remaind with the company

  • He finished to write 'In The Penal Colony' and 'A Country Doctor'

  • He retired because he had tuberculosis

  • Franz Kakfa died in Kierling, Austria

  • Max Brod published 'The Trial' written by Kafka

  • The novel 'America' was published

  • Max Brod published 'The great Wall of China' which Kafka had wrote 14 years before