important events of Copernicus,Galileo, and Newton

  • Nov 15, 1507


    Copernicus adopts heliocentrism and creates his own system known as the "Copernican system"
  • Jul 1, 1539

    Copernicus created a thoery on retrograde motion

    He makes a theory with will soon be improved by kepler
  • Feb 1, 1543

    Copernican heliocentrism

    a unmature version of the commenteriolus. Its shows that the earth is one of the 7 ordered planets circling the sun. It also explains the daily motion of Earth.
  • May 19, 1543


    It is when the remaining planets fall into an orderly relationship which increased from the sun as it followes mercury(88 days ) Venus ( 225 days)earth ( 1 year) mars (1.9years) Jupiters (12 years and saturn (30 years )
  • galileo the four moons of Juipter

    He finds out the four bright stars are moons orbiting around Juipter
  • Galileo observes Saturn

    Galileo observed Saturn and bealieve its the rings of Saturn
  • Venus

    He observed Venus and sees that venus went thorugh tthe same process as the moon
  • the sunspots by galileo

    Details: Galileo discovered the sun with dark patches by using his telescope and is now called sunspots. Over time he went blind because of the harsh damage made by the sun. He found that Aristotle and ptolemy represented the unchanging substance in the heavens and the shows the rotation of the Sun.
  • newtons

    develops his theory on gravitation
  • the book principa