I Am Ozzy

  • Birthday!

    John 'Ozzy' Osbourne was born in Aston, Birmingham. His father John Thomas was a toolmaker that worked nightsat the GEC factory and his mom, Lillian was catholic and worked at the Lucas factory.
  • Period: to

    Ozzy Osbourne

  • School

    Ozzy hated school as a kid. He got bullied everyday and he felt he was worthless because he couldn't read. Although he didn't know at the time he had ADD and ADHD. His favourite part of school was lunch time.
  • Prison

    He went to prison when he was eighteen for stealing from a house. His father didn't pay the fine because it thought it would teach him a lesson, and it did. Ozzy said to himself he never wants to go back to prison.
  • Black Sabbath

    Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne formed the group the Polka Tulk Blues Band which then became Earth and then finally Black Sabbath. They released their first album in in January 1970
  • Rags to Riches

    As soon as their first album came out they became rock stars. They could afford better hotels and they played bigger venues.
  • First Marriage

    Ozzy meets this fabulous looking girl in a bar and eventually he thinks he;s in love and marries her. He says that it was a big mistake.
  • America

    When Black Sabbath went to America they got approached by satanists often even though they were never into any of that stuff. Despite what the media says
  • Band problems

    After coming back from another American tour the band started to get irritated with each other and they also started to hang out together less and less so they grew apart.
  • Leaving Sabbath

    After being sick and tired of touring just to pay the lawyers and being sick of having no direction in the band, Ozzy leaves and doesnt come back.
  • Death of father

    Losing his father was his worst fear so Ozzy didnt take it very well. Also right after he left Sabbath so I bet he felt like a wreck.
  • Leaving Sabbath(Again) and going solo

    After coming back to do another album with Sabbath called Never Say Die the band ust went to the way it was before he left so eventually Tony and Geezer made Bill, the drummer fire Ozzy.
  • First solo album

    In Septermber 1980, Ozzy releases the album Blizzard of Oz. It immediatley goes off the charts and is on of Billboards 100 greatest albums of the decade. His guitarist for this album was Randy Rhoads, Ozzy and him instantly became very good friends.
  • Divorce

    When he went solo he became managed by Don Arden and Ozzy eventually became in love with his daughter, Sharon. They spent so much time together in America even though he had a wife. Ozzy eventually told Thelma about Sharon and Thelma divorced him.
  • Randy's death

    After a drugged up bus driver that took plane flying lessons once takes Randy and their make up girl on a joy ride while the bus is parked, he gets too close to the bus and crashes the plane. Killing both Randy and the make up girl. Ozzy can't believe this, that was his best friend and his life changes drastically again.
  • Retiring

    After releasing other solo albums with different guitarists Ozzy decides to retire after the No More Tears tour. He would still later play at Black Sabbath reunion gigs and set-up Ozzfest.
  • Mom's death

    When Ozzy went to see his mom in the hospital, all she could ever talk about was how much money he had and that if he was a millionaire. He didn't like that at all but he loved his mother so much. He sobbed and sobbed.
  • Clean

    Ozzy has been clean for the last 6 years. He says the treament has really helped and he loves his family and everyone around him. He says if he only knew the right thing to do and wasn't drunk all time, he would've been a better person. He knows he was a drunk and a loonatic