Hunger Games Test Timeline

By mmain02
  • Prim's Name is Drawn

    Prim's Name is Drawn
    The first major event is when Prim's name is drawn to be the girl from District 12. Katniss cannot believe the situation because she has done everything she can to keep Prim safe, but none of it matters. Katniss knows that her sister will die in the arena, so she chooses the last remaining option that she has to protect Prim. Katniss volunteers to take her sister's place. Everyone is shocked because NO ONE ever volunteers to enter the Hunger Games, especially not someone from District 12.
  • Train Ride to the Capitol

    Train Ride to the Capitol
    The next vital moment happens on the train to the Capitol. Katniss and Peeta meet Haymitch for the first time, and while they are completely unimpressed by the drunkard, Haymitch realizes that he might actually have something this year. Even in his stupor, he can see Peeta's strength and compassion, but more importantly he can see the hungry survivor in Katniss. Everything about her already screams "threat." Thus, Haymitch begins pondering an attempt at sobriety. Neither Katniss or Peeta recogni
  • Champions Parade

    The next major thing to happen for Katniss and Peeta is the parade of champions in the Capitol. Usually District 12 has terrible costumes, but Katniss and Peeta get a pair of designers who are brilliant. They literally turn the two of them into smoldering fire. As a result, Katniss and Peeta are the stars of the event.