Human Use of Fossil Fuels

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  • 200,000 BCE

    Fire Used

    Fire Used
    Records of the first controlled uses of fire were for warmth and cooking.
  • -500 BCE

    Solar Energy Used

    Solar Energy Used
    Passive solar energy began to be used in Greek homes.
  • -200 BCE

    Coal Mining

    Coal Mining
    In China people began to start mining for coal.
  • 1100

    Wind Power

    Wind Power
    Windmills are introduced in Europe.
  • Coal Replaces Wood

    Coal Replaces Wood
    Widespread use of coal begins in Europe due to wood depletion.
  • Oil Wells

    Oil Wells
    The very first oil well in the United States was drilled in Pennsylvania.
  • First Solar Power Plant

    First Solar Power Plant
    The first modern solar power plant in Algiers was used to heat water to drive a steam engine.
  • Nuclear Power

    Nuclear Power
    Otto Hahn, in Germany, discovered the process of nuclear fission for energy.
  • Nuclear Electrical Power

    Nuclear Electrical Power
    The first nuclear electrical power was produced in Idaho, United States.
  • Wind Turbine in New Zealand

    Wind Turbine in New Zealand
    The first commercial wind turbine in New Zealand was installed in Brooklyn, Wellington, and more wind farms soon follow.