Hugh Glass

Timeline created by Shelten
  • Hugh Glass start

    He was in a mountain on a fur trading expedition. In August 1823
  • bear attack

    Glass surprised a grizzly bear mother with her two cubs and received massive injuries. He managed to kill the bear with help from his trapping partners, Fitzgerald and Bridger, but was left badly mauled and unconscious.
  • Being shot

    He got shot and survived
  • Walking 100 miles

    He walked over 100miles Alone trying to find shelter
  • native Americans

    It was 7 months later after walking alone to find shelter. He found a buch of Native American who wanted to kill him.
  • falls in ice cold water

    He falls a great fall from cliff into ice cold water and lucky to be alive once again.
  • swept into river

    there was massive rapids that took him into a bad time
  • rode a hores off a cliff

    he rided a hores off a cliff and lived