• Madame Zeroni Story #1- Exposition

    Stanley's great-great grandfather cursed all of decendants. He fell in love with Myra Menke at the age of fifteen. Myra was fourteen and her birthday was in two months, then Myra's father would decide who she would marry. Elya asked her father for her hand i marrage, but he was competing with Igor Barkov, he wanted to marry Myra too. Igor was willing to offer his fattest pig for Myra, and Elya didn't have anything to offer. Elya wanted to marry Myra but had to get a fat pig somewhere, he went to
  • Madame Zeroni Story (continued) #2

    Madame Zeroni, an old Egyptian lady. Madame Zeroni thought it was great that Igor can beat Elya, because he is too young to marry, abd she is good for nothing. She decides to help Elya, he gives her one of her pigs in the litter, it was the runt of them. She told him to carry the piglet up the mountain, to the stream and let it drink from there everyday and while its there he had to sing to it as it drinks from the stream. It will start to grow. The day of Myra's birthday take it up one more
  • Madame Zeroni Story(continued) #3

    time, then take it to Myra's father, after it drank from the stream. Then she said after he brought the pig to Myra's father, he has to come back to Madame Zeroni and carrry her up the mountain, to driink from the stream and he has to sing that song to her. Elya promised he would.The day of Myra's birthday Elya didn't take the pig up the mountain, he didn't want to smell like a pig.Both the boys, Elya and Igor were there with their pigs asking for Myra's haand in marriage. Myra's father was
  • Madame Zeroni story #4

    impressed with both pigs, he wieghed them both and whoevers pig was the heavist won Myra. Both pigs weighted the same amount and it was left to Myra to decide who she wanted to marry. Myra couldn't decide which she wanted to marry, then Elya backed out he told her to marry Igor and that she can keep his pig. Elya was sitting on a dock and there was a sign that said they needed deck hands, a free passage to America. Elya took the job and he was sailing on the boat when he remembered his promise
  • Madame Zeroni Story (continued) #5

    to Madame Zeroni. Madame Zeroni said that she would curse him if he didn't honor his promise.Elya wasn't afraid of the curse, but he was sad that she woouldn't get to see the stream before she died
  • Stanley's arrested- initial incident

    Stanley gets blamed for stealing Clyde Livingston's shoes. His trial date is put off sue to the baseball schedule. He has two choices: go to jail or go to Camp Green Lake. His parents choose Camp Green Lake. They wanted to do more researcg but spots don't last long at Camp Green Lake.
  • Stanley Arrives at Camp Green Lake- Exposition

    When Stanley arrives at Camp Green Lake after a nine hour bus ride. There is no actual lake there, just a lot of holes where a lake could have possibly existed. Mr. Sir gives Stanley the requirements for each hole and how many holes a day. Mr. Sir gives him his two sets of clothes, and meets the head counselor, Mr. Pendanski, he calls over the other members of tent D, his assigned tent. Everyone in tent D has nicknames, and there is no racism problem,
  • Stanley arrives at Camp Green Lake

    The boys in group names are: X-Ray, Magnet, Squid, Zigzag, Armpit and Zero. He gets the requirements for water,food and when to wake up, and what to do after his hole has been dug.
  • Stanley digs first hole

    When Stanley wakes up at 4;30 he gets to start digging his first hole, he gets his shovel, which is also his measuring tool. He couldn't get his shovel to dig into the ground, he eventually got his first shovel full of dirt, while Zero completed digging his hole.The first hole is always the hardest, and the sun was getting very hot, and it was barely noon. He measured his hole withb the length of the shovel, it finally met the measurements of the shovel.
  • Stanley digs first hole (continued)

    It took a couple of tries before Stanley hoisted himself out of his hole, when he eventually did he showed Mr. Pendanski his hole.
  • Stanley finds fish fossil

    Stanley was digging one of his first holes, abd he found a fish fossil. He thought it was worth something and he thought he would get the day off.He gave the fossil to Mr. Pendanski and it turned out to be nothing that the warden was interested in. T hen X-Ray approached Stanley and said if he finds anything he has to give it to him because he hasn't found anything and hasn't gotten a day off
  • Stanley fnds gold tube- Rising Action

    Stanley finds a gold tube when he was digging one of his holes. He gives it to X-Ray like he promised. The gold tube has the initials of K.B. on it. He tells X-Ray to give it to Mr. Pendanski so he will get a full day off. It turns ot it was something of value, and X-Ray got the day off. As result X-Ray lets Stanley move up a place in the water line.
  • The Bossy Warden

    The next day the warden orders everyone in tent D to continue digging in the hole that X-Ray "found" the gold tube in. Group D digs all day and they are still digging when all the other groups have finished for the day. Group D continued to dig in that same hole where X-Ray said he found the gold tube for the rest of the week. When they were digging on the fourth day, ZigZags shovel hit Stanley in the head. Then he made a big deal about Stanleys dirt and how he was not picking it up. The boys
  • The Bossy Warden (continues)

    were exhausted and they were digging past the time they would noramlly be done digging there 5 by 5 hole. The the next fay mr. Sir assigned them to a differnet part of the lake, and they only dug a 5 by 5 hole, not with the huge hole.
  • Stanley teaches Zero to read and write- Rising Action

    Stanley was writing to his parents when Zero mentioned to Stanley that he can't read or write. He wants Stanley to teach him how to read and write, and Stanley said he wasn't a teacher. Zero made a deal with Stanely, he would dig part of Stanleys hole if he would teach Zero to read. So this way Stanley could save his energy to teach Zero.
  • Magnet steals sunflowerseeds

    When the boys got their water refilled, Magnet has this bag of sunflower seeds with him. Thats why Magnets name is magnet, he gets a hold in everthing he can get. He stole Mr. Sir's sunflowerseeds and was tossong them aroung the group. When Zigzag was passing the bag to Stanley, he didn'y roll it up and all thye seeds landed in his hole and the bag was in the hole with all the spilled sunflowerseeds. Then a truck started to come down the dusty lake. Mr. Sir found his sunflower seed sack in
  • Magnet steals sunflowerseeds (continued)

    Stanley's hole. Mr. Sir asked how he got his sunflowerseed sack and Stanley said he stole it from his truck, he asked what happeneded to all of his seeds, Stanley responded with that he ate all of them. Then Mr. Sir took Stanley and his sack to the Warden.
  • Stanley and Mr. Sir punishments

    Stanley told the Warden that he stole the sunflowerseeds from his truck and ate them all. She showed Stanley her special made nail polish and the secret ingredient is rattle snake venom.Its only posionous when its wet, she rubbed her hand down his cheek and he felt a sharp sting. Then she turned to the Warden and scratched him on the face, he started rolling over, while clutching his face. She told Mr. Sir that she didn't care about his sunflowerseeds, and sent Stanley back to his hole, knowing
  • Stanley and Mr Sir punishment

    care about his sunflower seeds.
  • teasing Stanley-Rising Action

    Since Zero waqs digging part of Stanleys hole, ZIgzag started teasing Stanley by saying that they all want to dig his hole and that Zero is Stanley's slave. Then Zigzag and Z-Ray were saying that since he's better than him, he should be in first place for the water line, at first Stanley stayed where he was and then he hesitantly walked up first got his water and his lunch. Then Zigzag went on about telling him to eat his cookie if he let him dig Stanley's hole. Then Zigzag kept putting the
  • teasing Stanley (continued)#2

    cookie in Stanley's face, then Stanley pushed the cookie away and Zigzag started yelling to Stanley about pushing him.Zigzag made a big deal about Stanley pushing him, and he started shoving Stanley, then he saw Mr. Pendanski walking toward them with Zero. Mr. Pendanski saw what was going on and said to Stanley to teach the bully a lesson, by hitting him back. Zigxag started teasing Stanley again and then Zigzag was punching Stanley and then Zigzag had a hold of his collsr bone, then Zigzag
  • Teasing stanley (continued) #3

    pushed Stanley to the ground and jumped on top of him. Mr. Pendanki was trying to stop them, but Zigzag wasn't listening. Zigzag was ounching Stanley's face into the ground then all of a sudden Zigzag wasn't on Stanley anymore, Zero had Zigzag by the neck, and he made these gagging sounds, Mr. Pendanski thought that Zero was going to kill Zigzag. Everyone tryed to help release Zigzag when Mr Pendanski fired his gun ab=nd everyine fell backward. All counselors and the Warden came out and asked
  • Teasing Stanley (continued) #4

    what was going on. Thats when Armpit said what happened and that Zigzag just got hot from working in the sun. Then Zigzag said that Caveman just sits around, thats when the Warden was surprised. She asked what was going on and Stanley explained his deal with Zero. The Warden said that Stanley needs to dig his hole alone to build his character, thats why he's here. The Warden asked what he has learned so far from Stanley and he got some of the questions right but then he got one wrong thats when
  • Teasing Stanley (continued) #5

    all the counselors started laughing. Then the Warden said that there would be no more reading or writing lessons and that now ev eryone has to dig there own holes. STanley knew that they weren't just digging to build character but they wre digging to find something and Stanly thought that it belonged to Kate Barlow. Mr Pendanski handed Zero a shovel and Zero took it and started swinging it, the couselors got their guns out and then Zero walked away, he hated digging holes. Soon he was gone.
  • Seven Holes

    After Zero left the Warden still expected seven holes, since Zero had been digging part of Stanley's hole everyday he decided he should probably dig the extra hole. So when the warden left and the conselors went to guard the water spigot.
  • The Files

    The day after Zero had ran away, when Stanley finished digging his holw he went back to Tent D and found Mr. Sir, the Warden and Mr. Pendanski waiting for him. They started by askig him if he saw Zero, then when he said no, the Waren asked Mr. Pendanski if he had any family, he said no. The Warden said to destroy his files since he had no fmaily, no one would find him, she wants Mr. Pendanski to make it nearly inpossible to find any trace of him.
  • Twitch the new kid

    A few days later, Zero's spot at Camp Green Lake was repplaced by a new kid named Brian. He claims that he was sent to Camp Green Lake becasue he stole a car by hotwiring it. He gained the nickname Twitch because he figits alot.
  • Stealing the water truck-Rising Action

    Stanley was getting inline for water when he thought about Zero, he woundered if he was even alive, then he had a crazy idea he was going to steal the water truck to get to Zero fast enough and to get him water. He walked to drivers side of the truck and saw the keys hanging out og the ignition. He didn't have time to think about what to do he got in the truck, keeping the door open, he turned the key as far as he could and pressed the gas pedal to floor the truck revved and didn't move. Mr. Sir
  • Stealing the water truck (continued)

    was yelling at Stanley and then Twitch yelld to put the truck inn gear. The truck moved forward as he put the gear at the letter D for drive. He started to move the truck, and put the gas pedal to the floor, ht etruck kept moving faster and faster then it came to a stop, the truck fell forward and the airbag blew up and hit Stanley, he fell out the door and saw that he had driven into a hole. He looked back at Camp and saw mr. Sir staring at him, then Stanley got to his feet and ran away.
  • The Quest to find Zero

    Stanley kept on running, nad his empty canteen baged against his chest as hr didn't fill it. He encountered a rattle snake and ran, but it wasn't chasing him. Stanley thought he was going in the direction of Big Thumb where his great-great grandfather found refuge. Stanley also encountered a few yellow-spotted lizards, he ran until he collasped, saw someting in the dirt a little ways away,it was an empty luch sack.
  • Finding Zero

    Stanley kept wlaking in the direction he thought was toward the Big Thumb. He kept thinking he shoud go back to camp, until he saw the mountains come into view, Stanley still held the empty sack and figured it wasn't worth it to back now he more than halfway to Big Thumb. Then Stanley changed directions because he saw something in the middle of the lake, he decided to go and see what it was. It was a part of a boat,half buried in the dry, barren wasteland. The side of the boat said Mary-Lou. One
  • Finding Zero-Rising Action

    side of th eboat had a tunnel leading to the under belly of the boat. He heard a noise and then got scared until an orange sleeve appeared. Zero's face appearred from the tunnel of the boat. Stanley couldn't belive that Zero was alive and then Zero said something about sploosh. He said that was what he was living on. Sploosh had a sweet, tangy taste to it. Stanley was in the tunnel with Zero and he had a shovel, hte shovel that he hit Mr. Pendanski with. The sploosh tastes like peaches he tought
  • Zero's Attack

    Stanley and Zero were still under the boat when Zero groaned and bent over, Stanley aked if he was alright after a while he stopped moaning and stood up. Stanley started telling Zero that he has to go bakc to Camp Green Lake, but Zero refused. Stanley insisted becasue he thought Zero was going die. So Stanley showed Zero the Bug Thumb and that was the direction they headed in.
  • Obsatcles to Big Thumb

    Stanley and Zero filled the sack with the jars that weren't broken, then they set out to the direction of Big Thumb, carrying the sack and the shovel. On the way Zero had an attack, and Stanley cheered him up through spelling out words, it kept them occupied and helped them not think about pain or starvation. On the way they had to climb this type of cliff and Stanley and Zero helped each other up and they still had the sack of 4 jars and the shovel. One jar broke while climbing the cliff.
  • Climbing Big Thumb

    Stanley and Zero were at the base of the Big Thumb. The mountain was getting steeper at every step and they zigzgaged throught the mountain. There were weeds and bugs on the mountain and for weeds to grow there need to be water. Zero had another attack, but it was worse than the one before. Zero collapsed and Stanley carried Zero up the mountain and left the sack and shovel.
  • Big Thumb

    The ground became muddy and Stanley started diggin through the mud to find water, eventually water did fill the hole and he drank some. TSanley dropped water o Zero's face to wake him up then he gve Zero some water to drink. He was digging in the hole again when he found something round it was an onion. Zero confessed that he was the one thats tole the shoes not Stanley. Stanley decide to go get the sack and shovel to use as glasses. Stanley found more onions. They filled each jar with water and
  • Big Thumb (continued)

    te sack full of onions and they went down the mountain. Stanley came up with a plan, they would go back to Camp Green Lake and refill their water, and sneak food out of the kitchen. They would dig i the hole tha Stanley found the gold lipstick tube in and see if there was treasure there.
  • Back at Camp Green Lake-Climax

    Zero and Stanley find the hole that he found the tube in and they camped out for the day. They finally drank water as it was like a competiton between who would drink first. They waited until all campers were finished digging their holes, then they went closerto the actual hole where the tube was found. Stanley started digging and Zero went to refill the water jars. Soon enough Zeo came back with water and cereal. Then Sanley found something, it wa a suitcase, it took a while to dig it out. He
  • Back at Camp Green Lake (continued)

    handed it to Zero who was waiting outside of the hole until someone came down the lake with a flashlight, it was the Warden.
  • Getting Caught- Falling Action

    Soon Mr. Sir, Mr. Pendanski and a coouple of other counselors came to see what was going on when a yellow spotted lizard came out of the hole Stanley was in. The lizard was on the suitcase Zero had then a couple more lizards appeared, Stanley looked down and saw that he was inside a yellow spotted lizard nest. During this lizards were on Stanely an Mr. Sir confessed that Stanley was innocent and wouldv'e been released yesterday.
  • Still Alive

    Stanley and Zero are still alive and the lizards weren't hurting them because yellow spotted lizard don't eat onions and Stanely and Zero had onion blood. As the sun rose the lizards crept baack into the shade of the hole and eventually Stanley got out of the hole, he helped Zero. The warden odered them to hand over the suitcase, but Zero said it was Stanley's. His name was engraved on the suitcase
  • Released-Resolution

    2 people came to the hole that stanley found the suitcase in. There was a man and a women. The women appeared to be stanley's lawyer, and the man was the attorney general. Mr. Sir got the belongings to the boys and then they got food. He Warden wanted to see what was in th suitcasebut Stany's lawyer advised against it. Stanley was released but he didn't wan to leave Zero behind. The official people asked for Zero's records, they didn't have them, Zero ended up coming back with Stanley.
  • After being released-Denouement

    stanley's father invented a successful foot odor remedy because Stanley broke the curse. The suitcase contained money and Zero hired private investigators to find his files and Stanley bought his family a house. Camp Green Lake became a Girl Scout Camp. Zero found his mother and everythin turned out.