History of the Periodic Table

  • Johann Dobereiner, model of triads

    Dobereiner arranges elements in groups of three, called triads, according to similar chemical and physical properties.
  • John Newland, law of octaves

    Organized elements into groups of eight, with elements arranged in increasing atomic mass.
  • Dmitri Mendeleev, produced table of elements

    Arranged elements in table of increasing atomic mass, predicted discovery of new elements.
  • Lothar Meyer, published own table of elements

    At the same time as Mendeleev, Meyer also published his own table of elements, arranged by increasing atomic mass
  • Henry Moseley, determined nuclear charge

    Determined the atomic mass of elements and arranged them.
  • Glenn T Seaborg, re-arranged elements

    Co-discovered 10 new elements through work with nuclear reactors, moved 14 elements out of the main body of periodic table to below the anthanoids, became known as actinoids.