History of the Atom

By smitht7
  • 100

    Thales of Miletus is born

    (Actually, Thales was born in 600BC. However, due to restrictions on this website, I was unable to put in the correct year in. Sorry for the inconvienience.)
  • Period: 100 to 159

    Thales of Miletus

  • 130

    Thales is given highest honours, and pronouced one of the Seven Sages of Greece, after finishing his education.

  • 135

    Thales founded the Ionian School of Philosiphy in Miletus.

  • 141

    Thales studies the existence of the universe, coming up with the notion that all things came from water.

  • 159

    Thales of Miletus dies.

  • 240

    Democritus is born.

  • Period: 240 to 311


  • 277

    Democritus states that everything is made of atoms.

    Democritus states that everything is made of atoms.
  • 277

    Democritus lays the foundation of atomic research in the future.

  • 290

    Birth of Aristotle

  • Period: 290 to 343


  • 308

    Aristotle is sent to Athens, to study with Plato.

  • 311

    Democritus dies.

  • 317

    Aristotle annouces his theory of living creatures.

    Aristotle states that all creatures are made of matter.
  • 343

    Aristotle dies.

  • Birth of Antonie Lavoisier.

  • John Dalton was born.

  • Antonie names oxygen after the greek word for acid-former.

  • Antonie names hydrogen.

    Antonie names hydrogen after the greek word for "Water-former"
  • Antonie's death by guillotine.

    Antonie was beheaded for apparent treason.
  • John Dalton creates the first unofficial periodic table.

  • John Dalton died.

  • Henri Becquerel was born.

  • J.J. Thompson is born.

  • Marie Curie is born.

  • Ernest Rutherford is born.

  • Niels Bohr was born.

  • Erwin Schrodinger is born.

  • Henri discorvers radioactivity.

  • Marie finds that radioactivity comes from the atom itself.

  • J.J. Thompson discovers the electron.

  • Henri dies.

  • Rutherford conducts his gold foil experiment.

    During the experiment, he discovers that there is a small concentrated charge in the middle of the atom.
  • Bohr comes up with his idea of the atom.

  • Erwin creates "Schrodinger's Eqaution"

    It is his correction of atomic wave theory.
  • Marie dies.

  • Ernest Rutherford dies.

  • J.J. Thompson died.

  • Erwin Schrodinger dies.

  • Niels Bohr dies.