History of Film

  • Invention of Film

    Invention of Film
    William H. Fox Talbot invented paper sensetive to lightby putting it in a salt and silver nitrate solution
  • First Phasmotrope Demonstration

    First Phasmotrope Demonstration
    Henry Renno Heyl demonstrates the Phasmotrope for the first time, in Philidelphia
  • George Eastman

    George Eastman
    George Eastman introduces film made on paper, rather than glass
  • Kodak

    George Eastman introduces the inexpensive Kodak camera
  • Kinetoscope

    Thomas Edison and W.K. Dickson invent the Kinetoscope
  • Cinematographe

    The Lumiere brothers started showing short films in a Paris Café
  • First Private Screening

    First Private Screening
    The Lumiere brothers host the first private screening.
  • The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery
    Edwin Porter creates the first U.S. narrative film called The Great Train Robbery
  • Movie Theater

    Movie Theater
    The first movie theater opens in Pittsburgh
  • Nickelodeon

    Nickelodeon theaters were attracting 26 Million viewers each week
  • First Feature Film

    First Feature Film
    The first feature lenght film is released.
  • Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin
    By 1917 Charlie Chaplin was making more than a Million a year, and he was the first 20th century superstar