History Of Film

  • How it all started

    A group of people made a bet that all four of the horses feet didn't touch the ground. Then later proved that they do
  • T. Edison

    Thomas Eddison ,the inventor of lighbulbs, made a one person peephole to allow a person use it like a tv.
  • The Impact

    The impact of film started after the lumiere brothers started to put short films on a screen.
  • Comedy

    During this time the vaudeville which is a comedy group became the Nickleodens which is still here today
  • The Nickelodeons

    The Nickelodeons
    they were a small store-front deal. recorded sounds and did two acts a day.
  • The first "Movie"

    The first "Movie"
    Thomas Eddison wrote a screen play that lasted 12 minutes.
  • MPPC

    They would not allow others to make a Video company. They would threaten the employes and smash all the equipment.
  • Nickelodeon

    By this time Nickelodeon was bringing in 26 million viewers a week. and soon would double that.
  • Thomas Eddison

    Thomas Eddison
    Thomas Eddison created a group called Motion Picture Patents Company (Mppc)
  • Coast to Caost

    Coast to Caost
    The film moved to the west coast because it was warmer, and they didnt have to fear the mppc
  • Actors

    the actors names were projected only in the west coast.
  • Silent films

    Silent films
    Charley Chaplmin was a great silent comedian. While you acted he also got alot of money