history of electricity

  • willam Gilbert

    willam Gilbert
    Lightweight tool called a verium that looked like a compass
  • Huang-Ti

    first to use lodestone as a compase
  • Thales

    discovered that amber rubbed with animal for attrached light
  • Otto Van Guericke

    Otto Van Guericke
    Electric Generating Machine
  • Stephen Grey

    discovered Conductivity
  • Ben Franklin

    Discovered that electricity is made up of positive and Negative Charges
  • Thomas Edison

    First Practical light bulb
  • eorge Simon Ohm

    eorge Simon Ohm
    1 volt createws 1 amp
  • Andre Ampere

    Measure the amount of energy
  • Girolamo Cardian

    Came up with amps
  • Luigi Galvani

    Luigi Galvani
    made the vo9ltanicplate
  • direction and magnetism

    direction and magnetism
    polished stone together against a piece of wood
  • thomas edison

    thomas edison
    never went to school
  • william gilbert

    william gilbert
    light isnt attrached to glass
  • capitors

    the woprks
  • Ben franklin

    Ben franklin
    big inventor