History of Chemistry

  • 250


    SourceZosimus believed everything was made up of Earth Air Fire and Water.
  • 460


    Source460 BCE
    Created the concpet of Atoms
  • Newton, Isaac

    Newton, Isaac
    Source He did a lot of things. Exact dates on these things are hard to pinpoint.
  • Dalton, John

    SourceProposed the Atomic theory; All matter is made of atoms; Atoms of a single element have unique properties and weight; There are three tyes of atoms.
  • Newlands, John

    Newlands, John
    SourceLaw of octaves
  • Mendeleev, Dmitri

    Mendeleev, Dmitri
    SourcePresented his ownperiodic table of elements based off of Atmoic weight.
  • JJ Thomson

    JJ Thomson
    SourceDiscovered electrons
    19 years later proposed a model for an atom.
  • Rutherford, Ernest

    Rutherford, Ernest
    SourceIn 1912 Niels Bohr joined him at Manchester and he adapted Rutherford's nuclear structure to Max Planck's quantum theory and so obtained a theory of atomic structure which, with later improvements, mainly as a result of Heisenberg's concepts, remains valid to this day.
  • Bohr, Niels

    SourceSuccesfully created a model of an atom that is still in use today.