history energy events

  • Mar 3, 1401

    heat energy (steam locomotive)

    heat energy (steam locomotive)
    transportation that runs by coal in a burner, it burns off heat energy it contains, the heat from the fire boils the water and turns it into steam, but instead of the steam going out into the air it is captured and used to power a machine
  • windmill

    machines that convert wind power to a rotating motion, that bring energies to homes and cities
  • solar panel

    solar panel
    this is a type of energy form from the sunlight to solar cell called a solar panel that is transmitted through wires and also any type of electronic that doesnt have a wire
  • radios

    produce a theory of electromagnetism through a wire from a distance by transmitting signal from energy
  • model t car (biomass energy)

    model t car (biomass energy)
    model t care is function by the use of biomass energy it makes fuels for the car to run, through out this it provides heat and electricity
  • atomic bomb(NUCLEAR ENERGY)

    atomic bomb(NUCLEAR ENERGY)
    provide enough mass of plutonium and uranium where nuclear reaction going inside the material can make up the neutron leaveing the through its outside surface
  • hydro-hydraulic (hydro-electricity)

    hydro-hydraulic (hydro-electricity)
    concept requires hydraulic system that can help to us to gain some reasonable good mechanical advantages, the hydro-mechanics will convert the mechanical force into hydraulic pressure, it will be utilized to rotate the generator shaft
  • car batteries

    car batteries
    when a device is connected to a baterry a reaction occurs that produce electrical energy known as electrochemical reaction
  • water wheel

    water wheel
    water wheel is a machine for converting the energy of free-flowing or falling water into useful forms of power. A water wheel consists of a large wooden or metal wheel, with a number of blades or buckets arranged on the outside rim forming the driving surface

    A tidal generator converts the energy of tidal flows into electricity.tidal variation and higher tidal current velocities can dramatically increase the potential of a site for tidal electricity generation.