History and me

  • Date I was born

  • My first birthday

  • George Bush Election

    George Bush is elected our 43rd president.
  • US helps out afghanistan

    United states troops go to afghanistan to help them
  • 9/11

    The tragic day where 2 planes crashed into the twin towers. Also another plane crashed into the Pentagon. Many americans died. We will never forget this day.
  • I started kindergarden

  • Ronald Regan

    Ronald regan died today as our 37th president
  • Soccer

    Today I started playing soccer and have stuck with it.
  • election

    2004 election where george bush won
  • election

    PResidential election where obama won
  • 2010 World cup

    They were in south africa
  • Osama bin Laden death

    Osama Bin Laden was killed by US troops. Osama planned the 9/11 terrorist attack
  • Steve jobs death

    Part apple creator Steve jobs dies today.
  • 2012 Olympics

    I watched the olympics in London
  • Bailey and Cleo

    Both of my first dogs died at 17 years old. Bailey died in Febuary and Cleo died in June. They were both red- haired dachsunds. Bailey was a boy and cleo was a girl.
  • Election

    2012 election where obama won
  • Graduation

    I graduated middle school
  • I went to Italy

  • Starting High School

    The day I started High School
  • afghanistan car bomb

    car bomb goes off outside us consolate
  • Ollie

    After living 3 months without a dog my family decided to get a new dog. We drove out to Juliet IL to get him. He was 12 weeks when we got him.