Historical Film Events

  • First film ever made

    First film ever made
    The First film ever made was created over a bet. This bet was about a horse to see if all feet come off the ground at any point. This bet was $25,000 and instead they created the first film in the world.
  • First Camera created

    First Camera created
    George Eastman created the lightweight inexpensive Kodak camera. Using rollers for the film so they use just one camera to film.
  • First action film released

    First action film released
    The first epic movie in its time the great train robbery was released. considered the 1st western movie released. Everyone was amazed at how long it was. It was only 12 minutes but it was longer than any other movie ever made
  • First Animated Cartoon

    First Animated Cartoon
    The very first animated cartoon ever made was called humorous phases of funny faces.
  • First movie stunt

    First movie stunt
    The first movie stunt was a man jumping from a burning balloon straight into the hudson river
  • First comedy film

    First comedy film
    This was the very first comedy flm made Tille's puntured romance
  • Warner's Bros established

    Warner's Bros established
    The warner bros company was established
  • First film with sound

    First film with sound
    The first film with sound was just a jazz singer that you could hear him perform.
  • Technicolor was invented

    Technicolor was invented
    George Eastman demonstrated the first Technicolor
  • First color television broadcast

    First color television broadcast
    The very first color television broadcast that changed television
  • The Godfather

    The Godfather
    The Godfather movie revolutionized the drama movies when it was released.
  • Toy Story

    Toy Story
    Toy Story when it was released it revolutionized animated movie for years to come.