Historical Film Events

  • Period: to

    "Film/ Movies/Video created"

    The only thing that was really available back in those days was simply taking photos, but thanks to the invention of setting 25 cameras side by side taking images created somewhat what we know as movies. But honstly this was just moving images and tevhinally a flip bppk.
  • Moving Images Discovered

    Moving Images Discovered
    They never had film at this time, it was more of the concept of moving images. Thaks to a simple bet modern day movies were able to be made. Fun fact : it was $25,000 bet and he won.
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Not only did he create electricity, he created the invention of moving images/ movie like stuff. Even though he didn't share his invention of the projector he still created it and turned out to be a really mean condescinding man.
  • Period: to

    Slent Movies

    During this period they hadn't come up with sound or anything related to that. In theaters there was a orchestra playing long with the film to add that "pow" effect to it. It wasn't until the 1920s that sound could be produced.
  • A kinetoscope parlor

    A kinetoscope parlor
    This was like the very first version of a movie theater. At this time, they perfected the art of the illusion of creating moving images.
    you had to pay to see through ONE eye the images and only one person at a time too. but turns out this was all a ploy made by Thomad Edison on purpose.
  • Lumiere brother's invention "cinematographe"

    Lumiere brother's invention "cinematographe"
    AS you may not know Thomad edison was techinally the first one to create this invention but he simply didn't share it with others but himself. In france these brothers were known for creating this invention, they also started to create 30 sec to a 60 sec films for people in a Paris cafe.
  • Period: to

    Vaundiville to Nickelodeon

    Also arounnd the time period of the brothers creating cinema, these were small theaters that just showed skits, dramas , and etc. Which were very popular around that time.
  • Period: to


    So the 1900s waz whenn these companies finally expaded and Vaundiville was changed from this to this. Surprisingly, this company is still yet very alive even oof they may now show theaters anymore but shows/movies and music.
  • The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery
    One of Edison's employs created a movie called "The Great Train Robbery".
    It was so special because in was first narrative film in The United States, also the name of the creator was named Edwin Porter.
  • Film Techniques

    Film Techniques
    This was when different film techniques were introduced to the film industry setting us for a new variation in Video/ Photography.
    This movie showed all new things including: different camera positions and an actual real script with a story/plot involved.