Historical composers

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  • Period: 450 to Jan 11, 1450


  • 490

    Romanos the Melodist

    The hymnologists of the Orthodox Church are Christians of virtue and great faith, having been endowed with musical talent as well as the power of religious inspiration. Their creations have enriched our worship services and have helped turn our souls towards God.
    Romanos died in peace on October 1st. Some of his songs were: The Nativity of christ,The Martyrdom of Stephens,The death of a monk,The last judgement,The Prodigal Son
  • 505


    Yared, was born on April 25, 505 A.D. in the city of Aksum. His father was named Adam and his mother Tauklia. Yared's lineage was from the priesthood of Aksum. When he was six years old his parents gave Yared to the tutorship of Yishaq, who was a teacher in Aksum. Under this teacher, Yared completed the study of the alphabet and began to study the Psams. S
    ome of his music was:Mahlete Aryam,Zema Mahlet,Sabat,Izel
  • May 11, 800

    Otfrid of Weissenburg

    He is the oldest German poet known by name, author of the Evangelienbuch, a rhymed version of the Gospels, flourished in the ninth century, Later on he studied at Fulda under the famous Rabanus Maurus, who was abbot there after 822 and presided over the monastic school. Some songs from him were:Praeoccupemus faciem Domini. Liberevangeliorum,Voxclaraecce,Aspiciens a longe,o magnum mysterium.