History of the ideal body

Timeline created by marien30
  • A century ago

    A century ago
    The perfect body consisted on being overweight. Women used corses for tighing their waistes.
  • 20s Years

    20s Years
    The fashion was to be thin. Breasts were flat. Women at this epoch started with diets.
  • Years 40s and 50s

    Years 40s and 50s
    Big breasts are in fashion again. they considered long legs as the most beautiful part of the women´s body. Th body figure followed the hourglass pattern.
  • Years 60

    Years 60
    The skinny bodies were in fashion. Curvies were considered as a problem.
  • Years 70s

    Years 70s
    Robusts bodies with big breasts were the top of beauty.
  • Years 80s

    Years 80s
    The beauty in the women´s body was to be athletic.
  • Years 90s

    Years 90s
    Tiny girls were considered beautiful, their soft and delicate appearance was the boom of this time.
  • Period: to

    Ideal body and through out the years