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High Street fashion goes Eco

  • People Tree is born

    People Tree is born
    People Tree began life as the brand Global Village in Japan. The fair trade and eco product line has become a favourite to stock amongst high street retailers, including Top Shop and John Lewis.
  • Mink Inc. founded

    Mink Inc. founded
    Rebecca Mink founded Mink Inc , an Italian-made vegan shoeline. The high end luxury shoe-line is using eco-friendly and animal-free materials, such as wood, rubber, cork and organic fabrics.
  • M&S eco plan

    M&S eco plan
    Marks & Spencers launched Plan A, setting out 100 commitments to achieve in 5 years. Through Plan A they are aiming to combat climate change, reduce waste, use sustainable raw materials, trade ethically.
  • Designer dumps Tescos

    Designer dumps Tescos
    Designer Katharine Hamnett, spent ten years researching and developing a chain for an eco-fashion line, then pulled out of a deal with Tesco to stock the line after only one year. The designer said the store was not sufficently committed to her eco plan.
  • ASOS: joins the Ethical Trading Initiative

    ASOS: joins the Ethical Trading Initiative
    ASOS adopted the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) base code throughout their global supply chain. Through this they hoped to improve the working lives of the people who make and grow their consumer goods.
  • Levi's Water Less Collection launched

    Levi's Water Less Collection launched
    The Levi’s Brand introduces its new Water Less jeans collection. The brand claims they will reduce the water consumption by an average of 28% and up to 96% when producing their new line of jeans.
  • Monsoon: London Fashion Week

    Monsoon: London Fashion Week
    Monsoon launched their ethical and sustainable collection, called L.O.V.E at London Fashion Week. That year they were the sponsors of LFW's eco/ethical exhibition, Esthetica. The collection featured recycled materials, Indian crafts and organic fabrics.
  • Top Shop: Reclaim to Wear

    Top Shop: Reclaim to Wear
    High street brand Topshop joined forces with Reclaim To Wear to launch an "upcycled" collection made entirely from discarded materials, such as surplus stock and production off-cuts.
  • Style is... goes live

    Style is... goes live
    Fashion blogger, Ceri Heathcote launches the online search engine for sustainable fashion. From clothes, to shoes and accessories, Style is allows you to discover new brands that are ethical and eco-friendly from home, without hitting the High street.
  • Zara toxin-free

    Zara toxin-free
    Zara committed itself to “toxic-free fashion” after public pressure urging its response to the “Detox” campaign by environmental group Greenpeace.
    With its parent company Inditex, Zara vowed to “eliminate all discharge of hazardous chemicals from its supply chain and products by 2020.”
  • H&M : "Conscious Exclusive" Collection hits the shops

    H&M : "Conscious Exclusive" Collection hits the shops
    H&M launch their new eco collection "Conscious Exclusive". The collection is part of H&M's plan to offer more sustainable fashion. The clothing for both men and women is made available online and in around 140 shops worldwide.