220px henry purcell by john closterman


  • Birth

    He was born in Westminster (England). Son of Henry Purcell.
  • Death of his father

    since then he came under the custody of the uncle
  • The first piece

    On this year was the first piece for the king, called Oda
  • Songs

    He wrote several songs for Arial and dialogues for Jonh Playford
  • Appointing

    Purcell was called helper organist of the Abbey of Westminster and composed paices such as Aureng-Zebe, Epson Wells and the Libertina
  • Composer

    He served as composer of the king's violins
  • Organist of Westminster Abbey

    Blow, organist of Westminster Abbey since 1669, stepped down in favor of Henry Purcell, who at that time was 22 years old
  • Married

    Purcell married with Frances Purcell
  • Called

    The next year he was appointed organist of the Chapel Royal and builder of Royal Organs
  • James II

    He was harpsichordist to King James II
  • Ceremonial music

    He composed ceremonial music, such as coronation anthem My Heart is inditing
  • Pieces composed

    Purcell composed the opera Dido and Aeneas, which is an important milestone in the history of English dramatic music with the famous aria "Dido's Lament", and later some other semi-operas, such as The Fairy Queen
  • Queen Mary

    Purcell composed two odes for the birthday of Queen Mary
  • Death

    Purcell death at the height of his fame. Few after, his wife collected several of his works, which were published in two volumes famous: Orpheus Britannicus
  • Sonatas

    He composed 10 sonatas to four parts