Hatchet - Timothy Wilke - B2

By dclark1
  • The secret

    The secret
    Mom was in a car with a man kissing that is when the divorece happend.
  • The divroce

    The divroce
    The mom was kiss a man in a car thingey when brain and terry was rideing around on their bikes and saw their mom kissing him.
  • The hachet

    The hachet
    Mom got him a hachet for a thing.
  • The frist flight & plane crash

    The frist flight & plane crash
    Brian first flight is when brian was go to see his dad. While in the air, the pilot had a heart attack. Brian had to fly the plane. He crashed the plane into a lake when the plane ran out out gas.
  • The bear

    The bear
    the bear came destored is home in the woods and ate the gutberrys.
  • The wolf

    The wolf
    Brian going to get some gut cherries when he found cherrys.
  • The egg

    The egg
    The eggs belonged to a turtle.
  • The missed plane

    The missed plane
    When Brain was eating barries then a plane came and brian missed it and then he was stoch here.
  • The cutting

    The cutting
    When brian got mad he started cutting him self 2 time then he never did it agian.
  • The first fist

    The first fist
    When Brain got to the sivail pack and brian was about to eat the the plane came when he was eating.
  • The migutos

    The migutos
    When brain come then it happend he was getting eaten by misgutos.
  • The skunk

    The skunk
    The skunk came in and eat is berryies the brain stated at it the skunk sperd him.
  • The gutberries

    The gutberries
    When he woke up he was hunger for food and wanted food so we went out and fround some food to eat.
  • The porcupine

    The porcupine
    The porcupine stark him in the leg with a cele and then brain throw the hachet and it made a spark.
  • The fire

    The fire
    When Brain discoverthat smoke makes miguitos go away.
  • The moose

    The moose
    The moose saw him scorbing a died fish so the moose attack him.
  • The plane tail

    The plane tail
    When the tornado cames by it pull all of is suples out and then the plane tail was titking out of the water.
  • The survial pack

    The survial pack
    He sowe the end of the plane and rembered the survial pack the flight guy was talking about.
  • The rescue

    The rescue
    When brain was about to eat a plane flew in.
  • The emergency trans mitter

    The emergency trans mitter
    When Brian got the emergency tranmitter it did not work so brain did not care.