Hatchet Timeline - Marshall

  • Secret

    Brians parents got in a divorce on Thanksgiving, and his dad moved out in January.
  • Brians dad moves out

    Brians dad moves out
    After Brians parents got in a divorce, his dad moved out, and moved to Canada.
  • Plane Crash

    Plane Crash
    The plane crash was caused after the pilot had a heart attack and died. Brian was able to fly the plane until it ran out of fuel and crashed into a lake.
  • Departure

    Brian and the pilot departed from New York to go to his fathers oil fields in Canada.
  • Mosquito attack

    Mosquito attack
    At dark/dawn, Brian was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. He couldn't get away from them. There were too many.
  • Brian finally wakes up

    Brian finally wakes up
    After falling asleep and waking back up several times through the night, Brian gets up for good and realizes that he was in a plane crash.
  • Brian finds gut berries.

    Brian finds gut berries.
    Brian went scouting for food, and found berries. He ate a lot.
  • Brian gets sick

    Brian gets sick
    Brian got sick from the handfuls of gut berries that he ate.
  • Brian sees a bear

    Brian sees a bear
    While going back to get more gut berries, Brian sees a mama bear. He just stays still, and she doesn't harm him.
  • The Fire!

    The Fire!
    Brian discovered that if he striked his hatchet against the rock, it would make sparks, and start a fire.
  • Missed Plane

    Missed Plane
    Brian saw a plane, so he went to run up and make a signal at the top of the hill, but he was too late.
  • Brian gets stabbed by a porcupine.

    Brian gets stabbed by a porcupine.
    Brian gets awakened at night, and finds a porcupine in his shelter. He gets stabbed by it.
  • Brian cuts himself

    Brian cuts himself
    A couple days after the plane went by, Brian though he would never get out of there. He wanted it to be over, so he tryed commiting suicide by cutting himself.
  • First Feast

    First Feast
    Brian catches a fish, and finds it easy to catch many more, so he eats a lot, and has a huge feast.
  • Fool birds

    Fool birds
    Brian has been living in the wilderness for 47 days since the crash, and he finally killed a fool bird.
  • Wolf Sighting

    Wolf Sighting
    Brian sees wolves on his was back to the shelter. They don't do anything to him.
  • Tornado

    A big tornado came a ruined and tore apart Brians home. He lost everything he had.
  • Moose Attack

    Moose Attack
    While Brian was cleaning out the fool bird that he has just killed, a moose attacked him by the lake.
  • Rebuild

    Brian has to rebuild all of his tools, and his shelter that he lost in the storm.
  • Bad Day

    Bad Day
    Brian gets attacked by a moose when he was cleaning out his foolbird by the lake. Later that day a tornado hit, and all of his things were gone.
  • Brian remembers about the survival pack.

    Brian remembers about the survival pack.
    He makes a raft to get the survival pack but doesn't swim out to get it until the next day.
  • Brushpile 1

    Brushpile 1
    Brian makes a raft to go get the survival pack.
  • Survival Pack

    Survival Pack
    Brian remembers that there was a survival pack in the tail of the plane. He goes and gets it.
  • Going through survival pack.

    Going through survival pack.
    He went through the survival pack the next day and couldn't believe all that he found.
  • The plane finds him

    The plane finds him
    While Brian was eating, the plane came.