Harvey Milk

  • Birth

    Harvey Bernard Milk was born in Woodmere, New York, on Long Island, on May 22, 1930.
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  • Childhood

    Throughout his childhood, Milk was teased for his big ears and nose. He played football and even had a passion for opera. He also kept his homsexuality a secret throughout his childhood. He graduated Bayshore Highschool in 1947 and attended New York state college for teachers.
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  • Navy

    During the Korean War, Milk served aboard the USS Kittiwake as a diving officer. In 1955, he was discharged at the rank of lieutenaunt junior grade.
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  • Early Life

    Early Life
    After getting fired from a broadway job, Milk drifted from California to Texas to New York without a budget or plan. In New York, Milk got a job in a play called Inner City, and also returned to San Fransisco with a new lover, Scott Smith.
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  • Politics

    Milk became more interested in politics and civil matters as he was faced with civil problems he didn't like. One day in 1973, a feud with a state bureaucraft in his Castro Camera shop led Milk to run for city supervisor.
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  • Campaigning

    Milk's fiery and flamboyant speeches earned him a significant amount of press while running for supervisor. He eventually came 10th out of 32, but swept the Castro District.
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  • More Serious Campaigning

    More Serious Campaigning
    Milk decided to run for city supervisor in 1975. With better approaches, such as no marijuana, he won more local support. Unfortunatley, he came in 7th, one spot away from taking a supervisor seat.
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  • Cali State Assembly

    Cali State Assembly
    Moscone, the newly elected mayor, appointed Milk to the Board of Permit Appeals in 1976. Milk wanted to go even higher, California State Assembly high. The district was in his favor, but before he could run for it, Moscone fired him. Milk still ran, and lost by only 4,000 votes.
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  • The March

    The March
    Milk led a march because of lack of support. Probably because of all of the protests, voters in San Fransisco decided to reorganize supervisor elections. Milk was now the leading canidate for supervisor.
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  • Supervisor

    On his third running for supervisor, he won by a margin of 30% against sixteen people. National headlines were made, the first openly gay man in US history to win an election for public office.
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  • Assassination

    Ten months after being supervisor, Milk resigned because it wasn't enough to support his family. In the city hall, on November 27, 1978, Milk and Moscone were shot by Dan White, a former board member who quit to protest gay rights.
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  • Twinkie Defense

    Twinkie Defense
    Somehow, Dan White was charged with 7 years in prison due to his mental state. The defense used the "Twinkie Defense", saying that White's mental state was deteriorating due to binge eating the night before on junk food.
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