Gustav Holst-Spencer

  • Born

    Gustav was born into a musical family and his father taught him how to play piano.
  • Period: to


  • Mother dies

    Mother dies
    His mom dies.
  • Meets his best friend and joins an academy.

    Meets his best friend and joins an academy.
    He gets started on his compositions and when he attends the Royal Academy of Music in 1893; he meets the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, who becomes his best friend.
  • Leaves academy

    Gustav leaves the Academy in 1898 to become a professional trombonist and pianist and then joins the Carl Rosa Opera Company.
  • Compositions

    Deciding to put more time into compositions, he quits the orchestra to become a music teacher at a London girl’s school. He moves on to head of music at St. Paul's Girls School, a position he held until death.
  • orchestras

    Holst begins his large orchestras The Planets and Mars, the Bringer of War. Mars Jupiter Neptune
  • London

    Returning to London, he finds his music shortly being popular, thanks to the success of The Planets and a choral work, Hymn to Jesus. He continues to write music, fulfilling commissions for the New York Symphony. He visits the U.S. and then teaches at Harvard.
  • Dies

    He dies.