great depression

By dorkass
  • California Gasoline and diesel fuel tax increase of one percent per gallon

    In the last decade, all of the U.S. states along with the District of Columbia, introduced a gasoline tax of 3.8 cents/gal of fuel was levied by the individual states.
  • U.S begins military Action against iraq

    U.S. military begins to travel to Iraq to stop the war that was going on until today.
  • Iraq troops withdraw from Kuwait

    Iraq troops retreat from Kuwait and the U.S. is holding down Kuwait as a Base of Operations for military soldiers.
  • Oakland Hills fire

  • Los Angeles riots

  • OPEC aggreed to reduce crude oil production by 2.1 million barrels per day and maintain lower levels of output for a full year

    Based on data from OPEC in 2001 the highest oil proved oil reserved non-conventional oil deposits. The relative degree of uncertainty can be expressed by dividing reserves into two principal classifications.
  • President Bush ends steel tariffs

    The section 201 tariff is a political issue in the united states regarding a tariff that president Bush placed on important steel on march 5, 2002 . the tariffs were lifted by Bush on december 4, 2003
  • Blizzards blanketed large parts of the Northeast

    Millions of people in the Northeast and New England prepared for this blizzard. Blizzard warnings were sent out through New Jersey up to Maine. The gathering storm was beginning to whiten the landscape for hundreds of miles.
  • CPI posts biggest drop since 1949

    Consumer prices took there biggest downfall in 56 years in November. Consumer price Index sank 0.6 percent in November, the biggest month-over-month drop since Harry Trueman was president back in 1949.