Great Depreesion timeline

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  • Black tuesday

    Black tuesday
    On October 29, 1929 the stock market crashed
  • Dust bowl

    Dust bowl
    The dust bowl was one of the worst natural disasters that lasted to 1936 and it destroyed many farms and crops
  • Empire state buliding

    Empire state buliding
    The empire state building was being built when New York's economy was booming like never before and there was a race to build the worlds tallest building
  • Bouns army

    Bouns army
    When president Hoover sent the military to forcefully remove ww1 veterans from marching
  • Black cabinet

    Black cabinet
    Was created to advise the policies that directly effected the black community
  • Frances Perkins

    Frances Perkins
    Was the first woman to be in the cabinet
  • Bank holiday

    Bank holiday
    All banks were closed on this day to March 13 and they closed them to inspect funds
  • Roosevelt Elected

    Roosevelt Elected
    President Roosevelt is elected president
  • First 100 days

    First 100 days
    The first 100 days of President Roosevelt were on this day and he had done so much in just those 100 days like passing 15 bills to help with
  • Social security

    Social security
    Social security was created to aid the economic security for the elderly
  • Hoover dam

    Hoover dam
    The construction of the hoover dam helped create jobs and helped people earn money
  • The start of ww2

    The start of ww2
    Germany invades Poland