Gideon and torches


  • great evasion

    the midianites destroyed israelites' feilds, but gideon protected his crops
  • Period: to

    gideon's life

    gideon's life
  • speaking with the lord

    the lord came and spoke with gideon to try and convince him to destroy the idols of baal
  • excuses excuses...what a shame

    gideon didnt want to follow the lord's commands because he didnt think he was the right person to do it, so he gave the lord many excuses, and when he had no more, demanded proof from the lord about who he is.
  • proof

    the lord gave gideon the proof he needed, so he agreed to the lord's demands
  • destruction in the name of the lord

    the lord told gideon to take ten of his servants and destroy the statues to baal, and gideon complied.
  • dangerous camping trip

    the lord delivered 5,000 men into the control of gideon, and he led them to camp right next to the camp of the midianites
  • pick and choose

    the lord told gideon that he had too many he chose 300 to be the warriors to destroy midian
  • bye bye

    since the lord only let gideon use 300 of the men, gideon sent the rest home because he did not need them
  • who said evesdropping was bad?

    the lord told gideon to overtake the enemy camp, but if he was too afraid, he should take his servant down to evesdrop on their conversations
  • best bloody war ever

    gideon heard a man tell another about his dream, the dream where gideon won the war, and had his men destroy the midianites that night with 300 trumpets...and they did
  • knight to king

    the isrealites were so pleased with gideon's work, they made him their king
  • death of the mighty gideon

    gideon's brave acts on the battle feild rewarded the isrealites with 40 years of peace, up until the day gideon died. after he died, they showed no respect towards his family, and went back to their old ways.