Gibbons v Ogden

  • Period: to

    1770 - 1830 Gibbons v Ogden

  • Continental Congress agrees to Articles of Confederation

  • Articles of Confederation ratified

  • Congress resolves in favor of a Constitutional convention

  • proposed US Constitution read to Congress

  • Delaware is first state to ratify US Constitution

  • US Constitution ratified by final state (Vermont); supercedes Articles of Confederacy

  • Act of Congress passed, regarding Coastal Commerce

  • Fulton & Livingston granted steamship monopoly in NY

    (date approximate)
  • Ogden prevails in NY Chancery Court

  • Ogden prevails in NY Court of Errors

  • Ogden upheld in NY state Court of Errors

  • Gibbons appeals to US Supreme Court

  • Daniel Webster argues Gibbons' appeal before US Supreme Court

  • Ch Justice John Marshall rules for Gibbons, establishing precedent