George HW Bush TimeLine

  • Birth of the 41st president

    Birth of the 41st president
    George Herbert Walker Bush was born June 12,1924 in Milton Massachusetts. He was the second son to be born the first was Prescott Bush Jr..
  • wife of 41 president was born

    wife of 41 president was born
    Barbara was born in Rye, New York on June 8, 1925.
  • Barbara and George Bush meet

    Barbara  and George Bush meet
    Barbara and George met at a Christmas dance in the year 1941. They started dating after that. A year later George signed up for the navy. And was deployed over seas. After he got back they got married.
  • Military Experience

    Military Experience
    George HW bush was 18 when he first joined the navy and was a pilot. He was one of the youngest officers in the navy. On September 24, 1944, he was flying over Chichi Jima, when he was hit and was forced to eject. he landed in the water and was later picked up by a submarine. His two co-pilots did not survive. His rank was a lieutenant.
  • Marriage

    He was married to Barbara pierce on January 6,1945 in Rye New York. Three months after Bushes 20th birthday. George Hw bush asked Barbara to lie about her age because she was 2 years younger than George.
  • Birth of future President George W. Bush

    Birth of future President George W. Bush
    George W bush was the son of President George HW Bush. He was born July 6, 1946. He was the second son of a president to become president. The first was John Quincy Adams and John Adams.
  • education

    He graduated from private Philips Academy in Massachusetts. Later after he got home from war he went to Yale University and majored in economics. Class of 1948. He was the captain of the Yale baseball and basketball team.
  • Jobs or Careers

    Jobs or Careers
    He worked for an oil supply company in 1953. He made good money was doing very good selling oil but later he sold it and was a self made million ae at age 41.
  • second child death

    second child death
    Pauline Robinson Bush was only 3 when she died. She was the second child of the bush family. She died on October 11,1953 of leukemia.
  • Government jobs

    Government jobs
    George served two terms as a representative in congress for Texas.
  • Fathers death

    Fathers death
    His father Prescott Bush died on Oct,8,1972.
  • Director of CIA

    Director of CIA
    George was the Director of the CIA for 1 year- 1975-1976.
  • Vice President

    Vice President
    George HW Bush was Ronald Reagans Vice President from 1981-1989
  • Political party

    Political party
    George HW Bush was a republican and was expected to follow Ronald Reagans tactics less taxes and more money on the military.
  • Elected Office

    Elected Office
    January 20,1989-January 20 1993
  • News

    Bush ordered an attack on Panama to arrest military leader general Manuel Noriega, because he had rigged elections and supported illegal drug trade.2400 Panamanians joined the American army in overthrowing the panama government.
  • treaty's and laws

    treaty's and laws
    Bush helped put an end to apartheid, South Africa policy of legalizing racial segregation.
  • Disability Act passed

    Disability Act passed
    bush signed an act that forbids discrimination for people with disability's. It helped more than 43 million americans.
  • Laws passed

    Laws passed
    Bush issued a plan named operation desert storm. It secured all congressional power to use everything necessary to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait. because of its immense amount of oil.
  • news

    Bush ordered troops to push out Iraqi forces out of Kuwait. Because Iraq was stealing there oil. Americans troops got the job done in less than 100 hours. 149 Americans died. while 10000 Iraqis died.
  • Laws

    Bush signed an anti drug law that granted more than 3 billion dollars to drug treatment facilities, federal prison expansion, education and law enforcement.
  • law passed

    law passed
    Bush and the president of the soviet union, Mikhail Gorbachev met and redacted strategic arms.
  • laws passed

    laws passed
    Bush helped Israel, in the middle east. He convinced Israel to stop building settlements outside their borders. which resulted in trade closer to their home.
  • Lost 1992 Election

    Lost 1992 Election
    In 1992 George ran against democrat William Clinton but because he did not stand true to his laws about taxation the people did not trust him and voted for William Clinton instead.
  • Mothers Death

    Mothers Death
    Dorthy Walker Bush the mother of George H.W. Bush died at age 91 on Nov,20 1992
  • Left office

    Left office
    Bush left office on January 20 1993.
  • After office

    After office
    After he was out of office bush returned home with his wife Barbara in there old home in ,Houston TX.
  • Wifes death

    Wifes death
    Barbara Bush died on April 17, 2018 at age of 92.
  • President death

    President death
    George H.W. Bush died on November 30,2018 at age of 94. Of Parkinson disease.
  • Burial place

    Burial place
    George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush were burred in Collage station Bush Library and museum in Houston TX.