George Herbert Walker Bush

By MadiMo8
  • George is born

    George is born
    George was born on this date in Milton Massachusetts with his proud parents Prescott Sheldon and Dorothy Walker Bush.
  • Starting School

    Starting School
    George had gone to the private school Greenwich Country Day School. In 1937 he went to Phillips academy in Andover, Massachusetts. There he was captain of the baseball and soccer teams.
  • Period: to

    World War ||

    America entered the War in 1941
  • Graduating Highschool

    Graduating Highschool
    His last year of school he was class president and graduated from the Phillips Academy.
  • War

    Bush entered the Navy on his eighteenth birthday. He became the youngest pilot in the Navy on June 9th 1943. On september 2nd 1944 he was shot down over the Japenese island of Chichi Jima. He left the Navy in September 1945.
  • Barbara Bush

    Barbara Bush
    On January 6th he married Barbara Pierce. They met four years back at a Christmas dance in 1941.
  • College

    When he left the Navy he entered into Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. While there he studied economics and played baseball. He was first baseman.
  • Starting the Family

    Starting the Family
    In 1946 George and Barbara moved to Texas and started there family with their first child George Walker.
  • Robin Bush

    Robin Bush
    They continued having children having Robin Bush in 1950. She died three years later from leukemia.
  • Oil Company

    Oil Company
    Bush joined with his friend John Overbey and became business partners. They started the Bush-Overbey Oil Development Company in Midland, Texas. This company managed oil and natural gas properties.
  • Zapta

    In 1953 Bush cofounded the Zapta Petrolium Corporation. This took over the Bush-Overbey Company . This company formed into the Zapta Off-Shore Company. Bush served as the company President from 1956-1964. Meanwhile adding four more children to the family.
  • John Ellis Bush

    John Ellis Bush
    Their third child was born in 1953. He is known as Jeb instead of John Ellis.
  • Neil Bush

    Neil Bush
    Neil Bush was born in 1955 becoming the the fourth child.
  • Marvin Bush

    Marvin Bush
    Marvin Bush was born in 1956 as the fifth child in the family.
  • Dorothy Bush

    Dorothy Bush
    Dorothy was the sixth child born in 1959.
  • Politics start to Evolve

    In the !960's the oil bussiness's made the Bush family very wealthy. By then Bush was becoming interested in Politics. In 1964 he ran for the U.S. Senate but lost. Two years later Bush one a seat in the House of Representitives, and was reelected in 1968
  • Ambassdor

    President Nixon made Bush Ambassador to the UN. Bush stayed until 1972.
  • Watergate Scandal

    On this date burglars broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters hoping to get secrets so President Niixon could be reelected. Bush became the chairman of the Republican National Committee, leading them through this difficult time.
  • CIA

    Bush urged Nixon to resign after Nixon becoming apart of the scandal. Two days later he left and Gerald Ford became President making Bush head of the U.S. Laison office in China. He stayed until 1975. Then becoming director of the CIA in 1976
  • Running for President

    Running for President
    In May Bush announced he would be running for President when he lost the Republican Party's nomination to Ronald Reagan. He then became his running mate and winning the election becoming Vice President.
  • President of the United States

    President of the United States
    In 1988 Republicans chose Bush to run for them. He won the election becoming the new President in 1989
  • Oil Spill

    In March Bush handled the largest oil spill in U.S. history. eleven million gallons of oil spilled into Prince William Sound in Alaska.
  • Panama Trouble

    Later in 1989 he had problems with the Panama leader Manuel Noriega who was involved in drug trafficking. They captured him on January 3, 1990. He was sent to prison for his crime.
  • Persian Gulf War

    Persian Gulf War
    Iraq invaded Kuwait because Kuwait they thought they should be apart of Iraq. World leaders tried to get Iraq to leave, becuase they were scared that they would invade other Middle Eastern countries. Bush sent allies along with our troops to protect Saudi Arabia from invasion. It was called Operation Desert Shield. They waited for Iraq to leave but they refused forcing America to attack the Iraq. President Bush traveled to the Middle East to show his support for the U.S. troops.
  • Reelection

    The Republican Party had chose Bush for reelection. On November 3rd people voted and Bsuh lost to Clinton.
  • Returning Home

    Returning Home
    Bush and Barbara returned to their home town Houston, Texas. George's biggest joy in life is spending time with his wife and family.
  • Bush and Clinton

    Bush and Clinton
    Bush and Clinton went to two disaster areas to help and reconstruct the areas. On December 26, 2004 a tsunami hit Asian and African countries. Bill and Bush raised money to aid the people who were now homeless, without money, and needed medical care. Then in August 2005 Hurricane Katrina took place in the southeastern United States. Once again both these men raised money.