George Clymber

  • Birth place

    Born in Philadelphia
  • Orphaned

    clymber was orphaned in 1740 only a year after his birth
  • Elected to continental

    He was elected to continental congress
  • Served in Congress

    george served in congress from july 20, 1776 to september of 1777
  • Served again pennsylvania delegate

    1780 to 1783 clymber again served as pennsylvania delegate
  • Member Legislature

    He was a member of the legislature of his native state
  • Pennsylivania legislate

    He became a memeber of the pennsylvania legislate and served until 1788
  • He returned to congress

    returened to congress
  • Delcarration

    1789-1791 , Delcaration if indepdence he was delegate from pennsylvania he also served as a U.S reprentavtie
  • His last mission

    HIs last national public duty was on mission to the cherokees in 1796
  • He passed Away

    He was elected first president philadephia bank first president of the philelphia academy of fine arts. He held all of the post before his death he died at the of 73