From Pieces to Wieght

By chazdm
  • First Fight

    After being picked on by a bully Curtis (50 Cent) ran home crying and told his mother what had just happened. His mother told him to go back and fight him without crying. Curtis says that the bully is alot bigger than him and that he doesnt stand a chance and his mother replies "I don't care if he's bigger then you, you pick up somthing and hit him with it if you have too but you're not going to come back in here crying!" So he did exactly that, and hit the bully with a rock.
  • Mothers Death

    When Curtis is only 8 years old he found out that his mother had passed away but is spared the details, after his mothers death he described what he was going through as "Stupid Shit" and says nothing majorly stupid happend just small things like fighting at school and misbehaving.
  • Sincere Giving him his First Gram of Cocaine

    50 was often sent by his aunts and uncles to a family friend named Brian to buy cocaine for them. He did this often and eventually another family friend named Sincere gave him a gram of cocaine to sell to his family which was enough to make profit and come back to get more, essentially giving 50 the Fishing rod instead of the fish.
  • Started Boxing

    50 took up boxing and one of the first things he learned was almost everything that is physical is half mental aswell and it's extremely important to be in the right mindset. 50 compares what he has learned to Mike Tyson because everyones scared of Mike because he has convinced himself and everyone else that he's the greatest of all time and no one can beat him.
  • First Time using his Gun

    After going to visit this girl at her house a group of guys attempt to jump 50, luckily a few weeks before that he purchased his first gun. The group of people started telling him to turn around but he had a pretty good idea of what was going on so he didn't. He didn't even look back just pointed the gun and empty the clip and ran. Later he found out he only shot one of the guys in the leg.
  • First Time Getting Caught with Drugs

    The middle school that 50 attended was pretty high securtiy and had a security system with a metal dectector and guards. One day when 50 was going to school the security gaurd was doing is normal routine looking through all of his stuff for anything illegal. When the guard got to 50s gym shoes two capsules filled with crack fell out, he was suspended for 2 weeks and claims to have sold crack day and night for those two weeks
  • Second Time Getting Caught

    While he was out selling drugs one morning a suspisious guy came up to him looking to buy crack, 50 new something was up so he denied him saying he was just waiting for a friend to go jogging with, after that the man went over to a girl who was working for 50 and said that he'd been sent overthere, there girl gave him the drugs and they both ended up getting arrested.
  • Shock Program

    After trying extremely hard to reduce his sentence and wasting the courts time he gets offerd to go to shock program which well take his sentence from 6-9 years to 6 months with 1 year of the program. The program is extremely tough and causes alot of trouble but makes him a lot stronger mentally and physically.
  • Starts Running the Strip

    After he gets out of jail he is hungrier then ever to make money so he starts to take over the strip by making sure everyone is selling his product using the Al Capone silver or lead method where if you refused to work with you then you take him out.
  • Beef with Ja Rule and Murder Inc.

    While 50 was still trying to become famous Ja Rule started saying that he had a problem with him, the beef lasted a while and a few diss tracks were released, 50 says this was very important in his career because even though it was bad publicity it was still really good publicity.
  • Starts making music and selling drugs at the same time

    When 50 first started making music and a bit of money he made music his priority and put selling drugs aside mostly because he need to mainly focus on music but also becuase no one wanted to work with an artist who could be locked up at any given time.
  • Meets Jam Master Jay

    One night at a club, 50 meets Jam Master Jay. 50 has no idea how to rap but he wants to use rap to get out of the drug game. So they talk and he eventually gets sign to a recording deal with JMJ's record label.
  • Gets Shot

    50 gets shot and ends up in the hospital for a while and while he's in there he gets under the impression that if he lived he clearly has a reason to be on this earth, it was here where he decied to strictly work on rap.
  • Signs a publishing deal with Colombia

    After doing all the desicion making while in the hospital, He signed a publishing deal with Colombia Records right out of the hospital bed worth $250,00
  • Meets Eminem and Dr.Dre

    After 50 dropped his first album alot of people were trying to sign him, eventually getting a call from Eminem and Dr. Dre, 50 was on a plane the next day to LA where he signed a publishing deal with them.