From Pearl Harbor to the A-Bomb

  • War Propaganda

    War Propaganda
    Every country used some type of propaganda to promote it's own cause. The U.S government employed varius mediums, including films, photographs, etc. Many of these showed very racist sterotypes of the opponent.
  • Rationing

    Before the US had even gotten into WW2, they had planned to start rationing their food. Later on, Rosavelt signed a bill setting price controls on food supply. One immediate need was rubber, since Japanhad stopped sending things over to the US.
  • The Draft

    The Draft
    At this time the US was not involved in the war, but the war was already in full force. President Roasvelt signed a bill of law, basically establishing the first peacetime draft in American History.
  • Lend Lease Act

    Lend Lease Act
    So during this time basically the congress was allowing the allies to buy supplies from the Americans with cash. By about 1941 the British could no longer pay for these things, but warned that it could collapse without such goods being sold. Then congress passed the "Lend Lease Act" giving the president the authority to "Selllease , Lend , or Dispose" of any defence article.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor is when the Japanese attacked the US and killed about 2,400 American servicemen. To this day it is remebered as one of the worst tragedies from WW2. This is also what brought the US into WW2.
  • The U-Boat Peril

    The U-Boat Peril
    In the early 1942, the german navy launched a series of U-boat raids on Americans Eastern Seaboard. They did this for over six months, and within those six months the boats floated all around the East coast. They killed about 2,000 crew members in this time.
  • Manhatten Project

    Manhatten Project
    While the war had broke out in Europe, America's Scientific community was fighting to catch up with Germany's advances in the development of Atomic power. They were building up on what the scientist Enrico Fermi, who directed the first nuclear chain. They were tyring to make the worlds first atomic bomb.
  • Japanese American Relocation

    Japanese American Relocation
    After the bombing of Pearl Harbor it made the Americans suspicious about the loyalty from Japan. Then President Rosavelt signed a document saying that they could remove any individuals from their home. Over the next year, 120,000 Japanese americans were takn from their home and put into camps.
  • G.I Bill

    G.I Bill
    This was when they started looking past the war, and tried thinking about what would would happen after war. Because alot of men and women had already indured so much pain. So they sighned a bill saying that they would give returning verterans financial aid basically.
  • The women in WW2

    The women in WW2
    During WW2, the women started coming into the workforce. During 1940-1945 the percentage of women in the workforce went up about 10%. By 1945 every 1 out of 4 women was working somewhere outside of the home.