Frederick Mckinley. Jones

  • Born

    Frederick Jones was born on may 17, 1893 Ohio Cincinnati
  • Early life

    Early life
    His mother died when he was nine his father John Jones struggled to raise him so he was sent to Kentucky to live with a priest
  • Education and jobs

    Education and jobs
    He had a six grade education and in 1912 he became a mechanic.
  • Contribution to the Black Community

    Contribution to the Black Community
    in 1944, he became the first African American to be elected into the American Society of Refrigeration Engineers
  • death

    Frederick Jones died of lung cancer on February 21, 1961 (aged 67)
  • Accomplishments

    He invented refrigerator and air conditioner
  • How he change society

    Frederick Jones changed society because he fought in world war l
  • How does his contributions influence your life today

    What Jones invention did was made a way so the food get transfer it wouldn't be spoil
  • Fun Facts

    Mr. Jones fought for the United States