Franklin D. Roosevelt

By Arnulfo
  • Roosevelt Inaugarated

    Roosevelt was elected in the middle and worst part of the Great Depression
  • First 100 Days

    During this period, Roosevelt made more legislation than any other president in U.S history. Roosevelt came up with programs that would relief, reform, and recover the nation. These programs were part of the New Deal
  • Second New Deal

    Roosevelt passed new programs as part of the Second New Deal. An important program passed was the Social Security Act which today is still intact.
  • Landslide Re-election

    Landslide Re-election
    Roosevelt won almost every single elctoral vote. He beat his opponent 523-8 making this victory (in terms of electoral votes) the biggest in history. This victory proved that the people were not ready to give up Roosevelt.
  • Election of 1940

    Election of 1940
    The two term rule was only a tradition, but not actually in the constitutiton. As Hitler rose to power, Roosevelt figured he had what it took to safely guide the U.S.
  • Pearl Harbor is Attacked

    After the Japanese attacked Hawaii, Roosevelt asks Congress to declare war on Japan. After Congrress agrees, Japan and Germany declare war on the U.S.
  • Election of 1944--FDR's Final Term

    Election of 1944--FDR's Final Term
    First and only President to be re-elected for 4 consecutive terms. Roosevelt died at 63 shortly of being re-elected. Historians say that if he hadn't died, he would possibly been re-elected for a 5th term.