Franklen D. Roosevlet

  • Birth

    FDR was born on his family's estate in Springwood New York as the only child to his rich family. He didn't go to school like the other kids around him because his parents paid for a home tutor.
  • Teen years

    Teen years
    When FDR turned to the age of fourteen, He went to Groton School witch was a school for 'upper class' boys instead of being tutored by home school. FDR has a privilege that most boys dream of and due to this; he has the skills in order to become a president.
  • Marriage

    FDR was attending Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts when he met his cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt. after about one year of dating, FDR proposed in April 9,1905.
  • Politicts

    The perfect opportunity for FDR to get into politics was when he accepted the Democratic nomination for the New York Senate and was elected for the position. He was reelected in 1912, the same year that Woodrow Wilson got elected for president.
  • Polio

    Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) was on a vacation when he was suddenly paralyzed by polio. The doctors did everything they could but tragically he was paralyzed from the waist down. He still lived his life as any man would except he just rolled around on a wheel chair.
  • Governer

    While at warm springs in 1928, He was called to political duty again. Al Smith, The four time governer of new york, was now running as a Democratic candidate for president.Although it became clear that Smith could not win the national election, Smith felt that Roosevelt, as a candidate for governor, would help to carry New york.
  • President difficulties

    President difficulties
    When FDR became president, he was faced with many difficulties like 30% of the U.S. was unemployed. He first started to give more work to the unemployed and by approving a device that helped farmers get more money. He even changed the U.S. currency and changed it so that people in debt could pay it off.
  • peace

    When the war started, FDR was trying hard to make peace between the countries that he suffered a lot of stress. He talked to many powerful people all over the world to try and convince them to help but they all FDR tried to make the war stop completely, and that’s when he said to drop the a-bombs on japan. unfortunately, he didn’t get to see it happen because he died shortly after giving the order.
  • WWII

    FDR was going to stop the war with his men by pushing the German out of France and attacking them bit by bit but that never happened. Instead fdr decided to drop two A-bombs on japan. One on Hiroshima and on Nagasaki witch in the end ended the war.
  • Death

    The last of his days were not at all well. While he was completely exhausted from a conference of Allied leaders to set the terms for final peace. At the conference, He forced the other leaders into accepting his scheme of the united nations, but on April 12, An artery in his brain ruptured causing a stroke.
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