Frankenstein - Robbins

Timeline created by zachrobbins
  • AD 1

    Elizabeth is adopted

    Elizabeth is adopted by Victors family. Victor feels responsible for her, wanting to protect and love her. Pgs 34,35
  • AD 1

    Beaufort dies

    Beaufort, Caroline's dad, dies. She cared for him and supported him for months. After her dad died, "in her arms", Victor's now father comforted her and eventually they married, 2 years later. Pgs 32,33
  • 2

    Victor meets Henry Clerval

    Meets Henry, a son of a merchant in Geneva. Henry was interested in romanticism, chivalry, and heroics. They formed a great friendship between Elizabeth, Henry, and Victor. pgs 36 and 37
  • 2

    Victor sees lighting strike a tree

    Victor becomes very interested and intrigued by this, and he witnesses the destruction of electricity, and starts seeing science in a new way. pg 40
  • 3

    Caroline. Victor's mother, dies.

    Caroline dies of scarlet fever, and tells Elizabeth and Victor to marry. Victor mourns his mother's death, but realizes he has to carry on and get things done, motivated by her. pgs 42 and 43
  • 3

    Victor starts university at Ingolstadt

    Determined to leave for Ingolstadt, due to his mother's death, Victor follows through and leaves for University, and has to leave his friendship with Henry, as Henry's father is strict about him following his footsteps. pg 44
  • 4

    Victor study's anatomy

    Victor becomes obsessed with human anatomy as well as death and decay, as he begins years of determined, and over obsessive research, to an unhealthy extent. pg 49,50
  • 4

    Victor Becomes Obsessed Over His Project

    Victor begins to work on a creation, a creature made out of dead human matter. He wanted to and knew he could, bring life to this inanimate thing, and he became obsessed ever since he knew it was possible. Pgs 52-54
  • 5

    Victor finishes creating his creature

    As he finished, he becomes cognizant of his unhealthiness and poor condition, that he has been putting himself in. His dream of this "beautiful creature" that he put life into, was gone in an instant, as the journey was really what he craved, not the final product. After his monster was created he wanted nothing to do with it. Pg56
  • 5

    Henry Clerval meets with Frankenstein

    Clerval goes to meet Victor, after Victor has separated himself from his friends and family and society for months on end. He remembers of his father on the sight of Clerval, and becomes more relaxed and calm than ever before in the past months that he was working on his project. Pgs. 58,59
  • 5

    Character Devlopment

    Starting out as a small boy, Victor lives a good childhood, and is innocent as can be. As he grows up and goes to school at Ingolstadt, he begins to gain more knowledge and interest in different types of sciences. His interest grows into an obsession, and by the end of these 5 chapters, Frankenstein has created life from dead matter, a feat only one so dedicated and crazy could accomplish. His knowledge and passion are what drove him to this point.
  • 6

    Victor Returns to Geneva

    "Winter and snow arrived, the roads were deemed impassable...I felt this delay very bitterly, for I longed to see my native town and my beloved friends." (Page 67)
  • 7

    William is Murdered

    "William is dead! That sweet child, whose smiles delighted and warmed my heart, who was so gentle, yet so gay! Victor, he is murdered!" pg.69
  • 8

    Justine is Executed

    "I wish that I were to die with you; I cannot live in this world of misery." (pg. 84)
  • 9

    Victor thinks about killing himself

    "This state of mind preyed upon my health...I shunned the face of man; all sound of joy or complacency was torture to me; solitude was my only consolation- deep, dark, deathlike solitude" (Page 86).
  • 10

    Victor Meets The Monster

    "I perceived, as the shape came nearer (sight tremendous and abhorred!) that it was the wretched whom I had created." Pg 94
  • 11

    Victors Monster Meets the Family (De Laceys)

    "Night quickly shut in, but to my extreme wonder, I found that the cottages had a means of prolonging light by the use of tapers, and was delighted to find that the setting of the sun did not put an end to the pleasure in watching my human neighbors." pg. 104
  • 12

    The monster expresses emotion to Victor

    "I will soon explain to what these feelings tended, but allow me now to return to the cottagers..." (pg.116)
  • 13

    The creature learns to speak properly

    "My days were spent in close attention, that i might more speedily master the language; and I may boast that I improved more rapidly than the Arabian."
    Pg. 113
  • 14

    The monster's feelings with Safie's backstory

    "The government of France was greatly enraged at the escape of their victim and spared no pains to detect and punish his deliver. The plot of Felix was quickly discovered, and De Lacey and Agatha were thrown into prison." (pg.120)
  • 14

    Character Development

    Victor is eventually driven to a point of deep depression, when his project backfires, and kills his loved ones. He is driven to a point of where he thought about killing himself, and he didn't think he deserved to live. He goes on a quest and respects the monster, in order to find out if it actually killed his brother. His character is seen through the eyes of the Monster during this time. Victors character has developed into a delusional, roller coaster of emotions, unpredictable, mess.
  • 15

    The Monster Reads Victors Journal

    Victor's creature finds Victors journal, after teaching himself how to read. He soon comprehends the monstrosity and horrific manner in which he was created, and why he isn't accepted by society. This lowers his self esteem, and angers him. Pg. 123
  • 16

    Monster kills Victor's brother (tells Victor story of it)

    The monster, after vowing revenge on all humans, especially his creator, comes across William, Victor's brother, and kills him due to the relationship with Victor. He is telling victor his journey when this comes up, as he killed William actually, earlier in the book. Pg.136
  • 17

    Victor is convinced to create a female companion for his creature

    After much thought and persuasion, contrary to his gut reaction, Victor agrees to make a female companion for his monster, after feeling responsible for the way he turned out. Pg. 142
  • 18

    Victor declines marrying Elizabeth immediately

    Against his father, Victors dad, Victor does not want to celebrate a marriage as soon as possible, as he wants to carry out his promise with the monster. Victor doesn't want to marry Elizabeth until he helps out the Monster.
  • 19

    Victor continues to regretfully construct the female companion.

    On a desolate island, in a lab that Victor set up in a shack, he continues to devote many and many hours to this project, although he knows the consequences. Pg.156-57
  • 20

    Victor decides against the new creature

    Victor, finally realizing the terrible possibility of a race of these monsters, and the hideousness of the one that he has already made, he takes the remains of this new creature and throws them into the ocean. The monster is enraged with his decision. Pg. 162-64
  • 20

    Character Development

    This chapter starts as Victor is poorly persuaded into creating another monster, which shows his will as weak and vulnerable, giving in to the Monsters emotions. Throughout these chapters as he regretfully continues to create this female companion for his creature, he develops some cognizance, and decides against creating it. His character is portrayed as stronger than he ever has been during this time, which is very impressive for what he is going through, to make the hard and correct decision.
  • 21

    Victor is accused of murder and in prison

    "I was doomed to live and in two months found myself as awaking from a dream, in a prison"(169)
  • 22

    Victor receives a letter from a worrying Elizabeth.

    "Do not let this letter disturb you, do not answer until tomorrow, or the next day, or even until you come, if it will give you pain" Pg.179
  • 23

    Victors Monster Kills Elizabeth on the wedding day

    "My rage is unspeakable when I reflect that the murderer, whom I have turned loose upon society, still exists." Pg. 190
  • 24

    Victor comes upon Walton, and asks him to help him

    "swear to me, Walton, that he shall not escape, and that you will seek him and satisfy my vengeance in his death." Pg.198
  • 25

    (Letters) Walton and his crew continue the search

    "Many of my unfortunate comrades have already found a grave amidst this scene of desolation” (203)
  • 25

    Character Development

    Victors health begins to deteriorate once again, based off of his decisions and their affects on him. After being falsely accused of murder he falls into a deep pit of despair and hopelessness, only to be brightened by a letter from Elizabeth. After eventually going back home to marry her, the only thing possible that could raise his spirits, it is short lived and she is killed by his monster the same night. Victor basically gives up after trying to catch the monster and passes on his journey.
  • Period:
    AD 1