Frankenstein - Hobart

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  • AD 1

    Elizabeth is Adopted

    Frankenstein's family adopts Elizabeth and he becomes obsessed with her after his mother says she is "his". (pg 34-35)
  • AD 1

    Father marries friends daughter

    Beuford and Frankenstein's father are friends, after Beuford dies Frankenstein's dad marries Caroline who is Beuford daughter. Their child is Frankenstein. pg 33
  • 2

    Interest in Electricity

    After Frankenstein sees a tree get hit by lightning he suddenly becomes interested in electricity. pg 38
  • 2

    Family Moves

    Frankenstein's family moves to a house near Belrive. pg 40
  • 3

    Elizabeth gets Scarlet Fever

    Elizabeth gets scarlet fever and Caroline her mother nurses her back to health. In the process her mother gets sick and dies. pg 42
  • 3

    Frankenstein leaves for university

    After devastating family events Frankenstein leaves for university at Ingolstadt and begins to seperate connection from his 43
  • 4

    Begins studies in natural philosophy

    Frankenstein begins to becoming engulfed in his studies. After attending a lecture from his chemistry teacher Waldman, Frankenstein decides he wants to pursue science. pg 50
  • 4

    Frankenstein begins experimenting

    He becomes obsessed with studying human anatomy, he ignores all social interactions and loses contact with is entire family. pg 54
  • 5

    The Monster comes Alive

    After his experiments the monster comes alive he panics and runs away, then he locks himself in his room. pg 58
  • 5

    He has a dream

    Frankenstein has a dream where he is kissing Elizabeth and then she turns into his mothers dead corpse. pg 57
  • 5

    Character Development

    Victor leaves for college into the unknown world where he is familiar with nothing. He is going to live alone and is leaving behind is sick sister and family. This is when he starts to become independent and his isolation begins.
  • 6

    Victor's return to Geneva

    Victor comes back home and has a longing to see his friends and family again. (pg 67)
  • 6

    Victor's Experience in Nature

    Victor loses himself in the nature surrounding his home town. it is where he funds his escape and feels safe. pg 68
  • 7

    William is Murdered

    William DIES! Victor's younger brother is killed by his monster but it is believed that he was killed by their house help. pg 69
  • 7

    Victor sees his creature

    Victor has an encounter with his monster in the woods and comes to the realization that the monster has many human qualities. pg 73
  • 8

    Justine is Executed

    Justine their house help is killed for killing william. Before she is killed she conduces to Victor and his sister she really didn't do it she just can't deal with the effort of fighting back because it wasn't worth it to her. pg84
  • 8

    Victor feels responsible for William and Justine's death

    Victor feels guilty and the cause of his brother and Justine's death. He begins to lose his sanity again. pg 85
  • 9

    Victor and his family go to Belrive

    Victor and his family go to Believe an area near Alpine valleys, Victor wants to forget himself in his "human sorrows." pg 89-90
  • 9

    Victor thinks about killing himself

    Victor is mentally unstable and debates killing himself because his losing motivation to keep going. He is drowning in his failure. ph 86
  • 10

    Victor meets the monster

    Victor has an encounter with his monster and is completely terrified of his creation. pg 94
  • 10

    Victor follows the monster into the mountains

    Victor is scared of his monster but wants to learn more about what he has made so he follows it into the woods. pg 97
  • 11

    Monster begins his story

    Victor is in the woods with his monster and he monster begins to tell him the story of his life after Victor left him until now.
  • 11

    Monster meets Family

    The monster is telling his story and recalls how he found a family and lived in the small cottage alongside there house. There he listened to their words and began to develop a sense for language and human interactions.
  • 12

    Monster Applies his Learning

    He tells Frankenstein how he learned and applied new words such as fire, milk, bread and wood, he also learned the names of the cottage family. pg 107
  • 12

    Monster learns emotion

    After days of watching the cottagers the monster learns and develops how to feel emotions and is slowly becoming more human.
  • 13

    Safie arrives at the cottage

    It is becoming spring time, Safie comes to the cottage and asks for Felix then all of the cottages become very happy. Safe doesn't speak the language so they teach her and the monster learns too, he also learns to read. pg 111
  • 13

    Monster connects the dots

    While the cottages are teaching Safie, the monster is able to realize everything he has learned. He can now read write and speak he also knows some world history because of the books they share in the cottage.
  • 14

    Safie and Cottagers story

    The monster explains that Safie and Felix are in love they used to live in France but Safie's dad was convicted of a crime he did not do and was sent to jail, in an escape they were caught and banned form france and lost everything. pg 119
  • 14

    The monster is afraid of the story

    After hearing Safie's story the monster becomes very sad and relies how horrible he is being that he is a monster also he realizes he is all alone and that nobody excepts him.
  • 14

    Character Development

    After William's death Victor is overwhelmed with guilt and regret, this is when the theme dangerous knowledge is very prominent. Victor begins to blame all the horrific events on himself and starts to lose himself to his obsessive thoughts.
  • 15

    The Monster Finds Books

    Frankenstein finds a satchel of books outside the cottage. He reads them all including a fiction story while not releasing it is fake. He connects to the stories and finally feels welcomes.
  • 16

    The monster rescues a girl

    Walking one day the monster sees a young girl drowning in a river, he jumps in and saves her life. When he returns from the river the the girl in his arms a specating man shoots the monster despite his heroic actions.
  • 17

    The Monster Wants a Female Friend

    The monster informs Victor that he wants hom to make another female monster for him. At first VIctor refuses but then the monster claims with the girl he will run far away from all humans and bribes Victor to agree.
  • 18

    Victor had Doubts

    After agreeing to the monster Victor later as doubts of weather or not to continue with his plan. He speaks with his father and they set up an arrangement to go to England and his wedding will take place after the trip.
  • 19

    Victor is overcome with impatience

    The begin their travels and quickly Victor becomes anxious to create his monster. HE drops of Henry in Scotland and starts his creations in a small shack.
  • 20

    Victor is accused of Murder

    Victor has doubts agian and is afraid to create the female monster n fear that something bad might happen. So he returns to Scotland and picks up Henry and they journey when they arrive at town the next day the towns people suspect he committed a murder the previous night.
  • 20

    Character Development

    The theme alienation and isolation is won when Victor goes back to isolating himself in the precess of creating the female. Despite his past experiences he is still willing to do it again and cut of all ties if it mines getting rid of his past and clearing his slate.
  • 21

    Victor is blamed and imprisoned for Henry Clerval's death.

    "But I was doomed to live and in two months found myself as awaking from a dream, in a prison, stretched on a wretched bed, surrounded by jailers, turnkeys, bolts, and all the miserable apparatus of a dungeon." Pg. 169
  • 22

    Victor tries to recover his strength

    "I am not mad," I cried energetically; "the sun and the heavens, who have viewed my operations, can bear witness of my truth." pg 177
  • 23

    Victor Grieves

    "Great God! Why did I not then expire! Why am I here to relate the destruction of the best hope and the purest creature of the earth?" pg 186
  • 24

    Elizabeth dies

    "Suddenly I heard a shrill and dreadful scream." pg196
  • 24

    Character Development

    To Vicotr it seems his actions have created a never ending loop of terrible endings people he loved are dying all around him. The theme monstrosity is showed throughout the book especially in the end when Victor releases he caused everything and feels kid monster himself.
  • Period:
    AD 1