Francis Scott Fitzgerald

  • Francis Scott Fitzgerald is born

    Francis Scott Fitzgerald is born
    He is born in St. Paul Minnesota.
  • Joins the Military

    Francis joins the military after failing at Princeton
  • Assigned to Camp Sheridan

    Assigned to Camp Sheridan
    As part of the military he was moved to camp Sheridan in Montgomery, Alabama where he met a woman named Zelda who he would try to marry.
  • Goes to New York City

    He goes to New York to try to make money
  • Starts Writing for Mass Circuit Media

    He begins writing for media like the Saturday Evening Post which he garnered much fame from.
  • Publishes This Side of Paradise

    He publishes his first major book.
  • Marries Zelda

    He finally marries her after making enough money to support her.
  • Writes The Beautiful and The Damned

    He writes the book, The Beautiful and The Damned
  • Zelda becomes Pregnant

    She becomes pregnant with their first child.
  • Zelda gives birth

    Zelda gives birth
    Zelda gives birth to their only child Frances Scott Fitzgerald
  • Moves to Long Island

    He moves to Long Island in order to try to propose his play in Broadway but gets rejected.
  • Publishes The Great Gatsby

    Publishes The Great Gatsby
    Francis finishes and publishes The Great Gatsby, one of his most famous works.
  • Zelda suffers First Breakdown

    She breaks down and is sent to a psychiatric hospital to help her
  • Moves to Hollywood

    He moves to Hollywood to work as a screenwriter for MGM for several year
  • Dies of a Heart Attack

    Dies of a Heart Attack
    He dies of a heart attack while writing his final novel.