first blood by david morrell

  • prologue rambo and me 7

    david talks abouthow he came to be a novel writer and how he got the idea for rambo and how he feels about the movies and how the word rambo is used 300
  • part 1 chap1-2

    the character rambo is introduced as a vagrant kid passing thru the town of Madison,kentucky.the chief of police a man named wilfred teasle finds him in a burger shop and tries to take rambo out of town because he doesnt like drifters.after teasle gives rambo a car ride out of town rambo comes back.
  • chap 3-4

    this is about rambo coming back to madison he burns whats left of his food and scatters the ashes so noone will be able to track him.this was a habit left over from the vietnam war.rambo left 6 months pior to now. then the story shifts to teasles point of view he sees that rambo plans to come back to town again and waits for him then goes to get him and stops his car suddenly and gets rear ended.
  • chap 5

    teasle finds rambo by a pond with fish rambo refuses to get in tesles car easilty teasle takes out his gun and treatens him so rambo will get meanwhile rambo fantises about how easy it would be to disarm teasle and clear out of there but decides to comply.
  • chap 6-11

    these chapters are about rambo being taken to the police station while hes there he learns teasle was awarded thedistingused service cross its second only to rambos medal of honor. a judge comes and give rambo 35 days for being vagrentcy, and resisting arrest. then he is told to take off all his clothes for a shower thats when teasle notices all of rambos scars. then teasle tries to cut his hair. thats when rambo excapes killing two people in the process he was a green beret.
  • chap 12 -13

    rambo leaves town and heads for the hills the national gaurd is called in and rambos old co
  • part 2 chap 1-2

    rambo meets a man in the forest and takes his clothes and teasle gets a k-9 unit
  • chap 3-11

    rambo fights off orval and teasle shooting orval and shooting down a helicopter
  • chap 10-15

    rambo tracks down teasle and almost has him
  • chap 16-17

    teasle excapes and is lying on a road
  • part 3 chap 1-2

    teasle is told about rambo and spends the night in a medical tent
  • chap3-5

    rambo finds a hiding spot and waits
  • chap 6-23

    rambo goes thru town on a truck and blows up half the town and he dies but takes teasle with him