First and Second New Deal Agencies

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  • Civilian Concervation Corp

    Civilian Concervation Corp
    First New deal, Relief
    Work relief program that gave young unmarried and unemployed men public service jobs.
  • Federal Emergency relief Administration

    Federal Emergency relief Administration
    First new deal, relief.
    Gave money to public works programs which created jobs and new facilities.
  • Agricultural Adjustment Act

    First New Deal, Recovery.
    Raised farm prices through subsidies, paid farmers not to grow certain crops.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

    First New Deal, Recovery/Relief.
    Created for the economic development of the Tennessee River watershed. 20 dams were built and it created many jobs.
  • Civilian Works administration

    Civilian Works administration
    First new deal, relief.
    Job creation program during the great depression that tried to create tons of manual labor jobs.
  • Works Progress Administration

    Works Progress Administration
    Second New Deal, Relief and Recovery.
    Provided work for 3 million workers, schools and airports were constructed. An art project funded actors and painters.
  • National Labor Relations Act

    National Labor Relations Act
    Second New deal, Reform.
    Protected the rights of employees and employers, It allowed them to create unions and organize strikes. Monitored unfair labor practices.
  • Social security Act

    Social security Act
    Second New deal, Relief.
    System of old-age benefits for workers, insurance against unemployment, aid for mothers and children.
  • Farm Security Administration

    Farm Security Administration
    Second new deal, relief, and reform
    Resettled poor farmers, promoted soil conservation. Provided emergency relief and gave out loans
  • Fair Labor Standards Act

    Fair Labor Standards Act
    Second New deal, Reform.
    Regulated minimum wages and max work hours, outlawed labor under 16.