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Firearms Timeline, Guns from 1850-today

By RRT877
  • Minie Rifle, France

    Minie Rifle, France
  • Colt Navy, USA

    Colt Navy, USA
  • Pattern 1853 Enfield, GB

    Pattern 1853 Enfield, GB
  • Period: to

    Crimean War

  • Withworth Rifle, GB

    Withworth Rifle, GB
  • LeMat Revolver, CSA

    LeMat Revolver, CSA
  • Period: to

    Second Opium War

  • Period: to

    Italien War for Independence

  • Period: to

    Federation Wars

  • Snider-Enfield, Great Britain

    Snider-Enfield, Great Britain
  • Spencer Repeading Rifle, USA

    Spencer Repeading Rifle, USA
  • Werndl Holub Rifle, Austria-Hungary

    Werndl Holub Rifle, Austria-Hungary
  • Springfield 1891, USA

    Springfield 1891, USA
  • Period: to

    Franco-Mexican War

  • Period: to

    American Civil War

  • Gatling Gun, USA

    Gatling Gun, USA
  • Period: to

    Thrid Schleswig War

  • Remington Rolling Block, USA

    Remington Rolling Block, USA
  • S&W Model 3, USA

    S&W Model 3, USA
  • Chassepot, France

    Chassepot, France
  • Period: to

    Austro-Prussian War

  • Period: to

    Comanche War

  • Berdan Rifle, Russia

    Berdan Rifle, Russia
  • Vitterli, Switzerland

    Vitterli, Switzerland
  • Period: to

    Boshin War

  • Werder Pistol, Bavaria

    Werder Pistol, Bavaria
  • Period: to

    Franco-Prussian War

  • Martini-Henry, GB

    Martini-Henry, GB
  • Mauser 1871, German Empire

    Mauser 1871, German Empire
  • Colt Single Action Army, USA

    Colt Single Action Army, USA
  • Period: to

    Third Carlist-War

  • Gras 1874, France

    Gras 1874, France
  • Period: to

    Great Sioux War

  • Period: to

    Zulu War

  • Period: to

    Second Anglo-Afgahn War

  • Period: to

    Hispano Pacific War

  • Type-22 Murata, Imperial Japan

    Type-22 Murata, Imperial Japan
  • Period: to

    First Boer War

  • Period: to

    Mahdi War

  • Maxim Mashinegun, USA

    Maxim Mashinegun, USA
  • Lee-Metford, Great Britain

    Lee-Metford, Great Britain
  • Colt Lightning, USA

    Colt Lightning, USA
  • Period: to

    Sino-French War

  • Kopatchek Rifle, Austia-Hungary

    Kopatchek Rifle, Austia-Hungary
  • Mannlicher M1886, Austria Hungary

    Mannlicher M1886, Austria Hungary
  • Winchester M1886, USA

    Winchester M1886, USA
  • Lebel Mle 1886, France

    Lebel Mle 1886, France
  • Nagant Revolver, Belgium

    Nagant Revolver, Belgium
  • Mondragon Rifle, Mexico

    Mondragon Rifle, Mexico
  • Webley Revolver, GB

    Webley Revolver, GB
  • Berthier Carbine, France

    Berthier Carbine, France
  • Cai-Rigotti, Italy Kingdom

    Cai-Rigotti, Italy Kingdom
  • Carcano M1891, Kingdom Italy

    Carcano M1891, Kingdom Italy
  • Mosin-Nagant 1891, Imperial Russia

    Mosin-Nagant 1891, Imperial Russia
  • Period: to

    Bafut Wars

  • Krag-Jorgenson, Norway

    Krag-Jorgenson, Norway
  • Period: to

    First Sino-Japanese War

  • Lee-Navy, USA

    Lee-Navy, USA
  • Winchster 1895, USA

    Winchster 1895, USA
  • Colt M1895 "Potato Digger", USA

  • Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver, GB

    Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver, GB
  • MLE, GB

    MLE, GB
  • Period: to

    First Italo-Ethipoian War

  • Madsen Mashinegun, Denmark

    Madsen Mashinegun, Denmark
  • Mauser C96, German Empire

    Mauser C96, German Empire
  • FN M1900, Belgium

    FN M1900, Belgium
  • Mars Automatic, GB

    Mars Automatic, GB
  • Period: to

    Greco-Turkish War

  • Gewehr 98, German Empire

    Gewehr 98, German Empire
  • Colt New Service, USA

    Colt New Service, USA
  • Period: to

    Spanish-American War

  • Type-30 Arisaka, Japan

    Type-30 Arisaka, Japan
  • Period: to

    Second Boer War

  • Period: to

    Boxer War

  • Luger P-08, German Empire

    Luger P-08, German Empire
  • Steyr Mannlicher M1901, Austria-Hungary

    Steyr Mannlicher M1901, Austria-Hungary
  • SMLE, Great Britain

    SMLE, Great Britain
  • Springfield M1903, USA

    Springfield M1903, USA
  • Ross Rifle, Canada

    Ross Rifle, Canada
  • Period: to

    Russian-Japanese War

  • Type-38 Arisaka, Imperial Japan

  • Nambu Type 14, Imperial japan

    Nambu Type 14, Imperial japan
  • Roth Steyr M1907, Austria-Hungary

    Roth Steyr M1907, Austria-Hungary
  • Dreyse M1907, German Empire

    Dreyse M1907, German Empire
  • Kar98AZ, German Empire

    Kar98AZ, German Empire
  • Remington Model 8, USA

    Remington Model 8, USA
  • MG08, German Empire

    MG08, German Empire
  • Hotchkiss 1909, France

    Hotchkiss 1909, France
  • PM 1910, Russian Empire

    PM 1910, Russian Empire
  • Webley & Scott Pistol, GB

    Webley & Scott Pistol, GB
  • Colt M1911, USA

    Colt M1911, USA
  • Type-44 Arisaka, Imperial Japan

    Type-44 Arisaka, Imperial Japan
  • Vickers MG, GB

    Vickers MG, GB
  • Frommer Stop, Austria-Hungary

    Frommer Stop, Austria-Hungary
  • Steyr M1912, Austria-Hungary

    Steyr M1912, Austria-Hungary
  • Period: to

    Balkan Wars

  • Federov Avtomat, Russian Empire

    Federov Avtomat, Russian Empire
  • P14 Enfield, USA

    P14 Enfield, USA
  • Lewis Gun, GB/USA

    Lewis Gun, GB/USA
  • Ruby, Spain

    Ruby, Spain
  • Period: to

    Great War

  • Villa Perosa, Italy Kingdom

    Villa Perosa, Italy Kingdom
  • Mauser 1916, German Empire

    Mauser 1916, German Empire
  • Hellriegel, Austria-Hungary

    Hellriegel, Austria-Hungary
  • Chauchat, French

    Chauchat, French
  • Period: to

    Russian Civil War

  • Lewis Assault Phase Rifle, USA

    Lewis Assault Phase Rifle, USA
  • BAR, USA

    BAR, USA
  • MP-18, I, German Empire

  • Browning M1919, USA

    Browning M1919, USA
  • Period: to

    Greco-Turkish War

  • Period: to

    Polish–Soviet War

  • Thompson M1921, USA

    Thompson M1921, USA
  • Period: to

    Third Rif War

  • Type-11, Imperial Japan

    Type-11, Imperial Japan
  • Colt M1911A1, USA

    Colt M1911A1, USA
  • Period: to

    First Chinese Civil War

  • DP-28, Soviet Union

    DP-28, Soviet Union
  • Webley No.2, GB

    Webley No.2, GB
  • Walther PP, Weimar Germany

    Walther PP, Weimar Germany
  • Mosin- Nagat 1930, Soviet Union

    Mosin- Nagat 1930, Soviet Union
  • Suomi KP/31, Finnland

    Suomi KP/31, Finnland
  • Walther PPk, Weimar Germany

  • Period: to

    Invasion of Manchuria

  • AK-33, Soviet Union

    AK-33, Soviet Union
  • K31, Swizerland

    K31, Swizerland
  • M2 Browning, USA

    M2 Browning, USA
  • TT-33, Soviet Union

    TT-33, Soviet Union
  • Kar98k, Nazi Germany

    Kar98k, Nazi Germany
  • M1 Garand, USA

    M1 Garand, USA
  • MG34, Nazi Germany

    MG34, Nazi Germany
  • Bren Gun, GB

    Bren Gun, GB
  • HP-35, Berlgium

    HP-35, Berlgium
  • Vis Pistol, Poland

    Vis Pistol, Poland
  • Period: to

    Abssaid War

  • AVS-36, Soviet Union

    AVS-36, Soviet Union
  • MAS-1936, French

    MAS-1936, French
  • Period: to

    Spanish Civil War

  • SVT-38, Soviet Union

    SVT-38, Soviet Union
  • DShk, Soviet Union

    DShk, Soviet Union
  • Beretta M38, Italy

    Beretta M38, Italy
  • Walter P.38, Nazi Germany

    Walter P.38, Nazi Germany
  • Type-99 Arisaka, Imperial Japan

    Type-99 Arisaka, Imperial Japan
  • Type-99 LMG, Imperial Japan

    Type-99 LMG, Imperial Japan
  • Owen MP, Australia

    Owen MP, Australia
  • Period: to

    Second World War

  • SVT-40, Soviet Russia

    SVT-40, Soviet Russia
  • MP40, Nazi Germany

    MP40, Nazi Germany
  • Sten Gun, GB

    Sten Gun, GB
  • Gewehr 41(w), Nazi Germany

    Gewehr 41(w), Nazi Germany
  • PPSh-41, Soviet Union

    PPSh-41, Soviet Union
  • MKb.42(H), Nazi Germany

    MKb.42(H), Nazi Germany
  • M1 Carbine, USA

    M1 Carbine, USA
  • DeLisle Carbine, Great Britain

    DeLisle Carbine, Great Britain
  • FG-42, Nazi Germany

    FG-42, Nazi Germany
  • MG42, Nazi Germany

    MG42, Nazi Germany
  • Thompson M1A1, USA

    Thompson M1A1, USA
  • M3 "Grease Gun", USA

    M3 "Grease Gun", USA
  • Stg.44, Nazi Germany

    Stg.44, Nazi Germany
  • Gewehr 43, Nazi Germany

    Gewehr 43, Nazi Germany
  • Mkb.42(W), Nazi Germany

    Mkb.42(W), Nazi Germany
  • RPD, Soviet Russia

    RPD, Soviet Russia
  • PPS-43, Soviet Union

    PPS-43, Soviet Union
  • Lee-Enfield No.5 Junge Carbine, GB

    Lee-Enfield No.5 Junge Carbine, GB
  • SKS, Soviet Union

    SKS, Soviet Union
  • Volkssturmgewehr Gustlov, Nazi Germany

    Volkssturmgewehr Gustlov, Nazi Germany
  • Sterlin MP, GB

    Sterlin MP, GB
  • Period: to

    Second Chinese Civil War

  • Period: to

    French Indochina War

  • SiG P210, Switzerland

    SiG P210, Switzerland
  • Period: to

    Israel War of Independence

  • Period: to

    Kashmir War

  • AK-47, Soviet Union

    AK-47, Soviet Union
  • Sa 23, CSSR

    Sa 23, CSSR
  • FN 49, Belgium

    FN 49, Belgium
  • MAs-49, French

    MAs-49, French
  • MAT-49, France

    MAT-49, France
  • FN MAG, Belgium

    FN MAG, Belgium
  • UZi, Israel

    UZi, Israel
  • Period: to

    Korean War

  • APS Stechkin, Soviet Union

    APS Stechkin, Soviet Union
  • Makarov MP, Soviet Union

    Makarov MP, Soviet Union
  • CZ 52, CSSR

    CZ 52, CSSR
  • FN-FAL, Belgium

    FN-FAL, Belgium
  • Period: to

    Algerian War

  • Colt Python, USA

    Colt Python, USA
  • S&W M29, USA

    S&W M29, USA
  • Type-56, China

    Type-56, China
  • AR-10, USA

    AR-10, USA
  • Period: to

    Cuban Civil War

  • Period: to

    Sues Crisis

  • M60, USA

    M60, USA
  • G3, West Germany

    G3, West Germany
  • SA-58, CSSR

    SA-58, CSSR
  • AR-15, USA

    AR-15, USA
  • AKM, Soviet Union

    AKM, Soviet Union
  • M14, USA

    M14, USA
  • MG3, West Germany

    MG3, West Germany
  • Beretta M12, Italy

    Beretta M12, Italy
  • HK21, West Germany

    HK21, West Germany
  • RPK, Soviet Russia

    RPK, Soviet Russia
  • vz. 61 Skorpion, CSSR

    vz. 61 Skorpion, CSSR
  • Period: to

    Bay of Pigs Invasion

  • Remington M700, USA

    Remington M700, USA
  • Period: to

    North Yemeni Civil War

  • M16, USA

    M16, USA
  • SVD, Soviet Union

    SVD, Soviet Union
  • Stoner 63, USA

    Stoner 63, USA
  • Walter MPL, West Germany

    Walter MPL, West Germany
  • Ruger 10/22, USA

    Ruger 10/22, USA
  • Type-64, Japan

    Type-64, Japan
  • MAC-10, USA

    MAC-10, USA
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • H&K P9, West Germany

    H&K P9, West Germany
  • Period: to

    Indo-Pakistani War

  • F1, France

    F1, France
  • M40, USA

    M40, USA
  • MP5, West Germany

    MP5, West Germany
  • M16A1, USA

    M16A1, USA
  • Period: to

    6-Day War

  • Type-63, PR China

    Type-63, PR China
  • Steyr GB, Austria

    Steyr GB, Austria
  • GAU-5A/A, USA

    GAU-5A/A, USA
  • Period: to

    Basque Conflict

  • M21, USA

    M21, USA
  • SSG69, Austria

    SSG69, Austria
  • Auto Mag, USA

    Auto Mag, USA
  • PKM, Soviet Union

    PKM, Soviet Union
  • AR-18, USA

    AR-18, USA
  • Period: to

    North Ireland Conflict

  • H&K VP-70, West Germany

    H&K VP-70, West Germany
  • L42A1

  • AutoMag III, USA

    AutoMag III, USA
  • PSM, Soviet Union

    PSM, Soviet Union
  • Period: to

    Lebanese Civil War

  • Period: to

    Bangladesh War

  • K2, South Korea

    K2, South Korea
  • HK PSG-1, West Germany

    HK PSG-1, West Germany
  • Walther WA2000, West Germany

    Walther WA2000, West Germany
  • AR-70, Italy

    AR-70, Italy
  • Ruger Mini-14, USA

    Ruger Mini-14, USA
  • Period: to

    Jom-Kippur War

  • AK-74, Soviet Union

    AK-74, Soviet Union
  • Galil, Israel

    Galil, Israel
  • FN Minimi, Belgium

    FN Minimi, Belgium
  • Period: to

    Ethiopian Civil War

  • Cetme Ameli, Spain

    Cetme Ameli, Spain
  • Beretta 92, Italy

    Beretta 92, Italy
  • CZ-75, CSSR

    CZ-75, CSSR
  • SiG P220, Switzerland

    SiG P220, Switzerland
  • H&K P7, West Germany

    H&K P7, West Germany
  • AUG, Austria

    AUG, Austria
  • Ultimax, Singapure

    Ultimax, Singapure
  • SG 540, Switzerland

    SG 540, Switzerland
  • M240, USA

    M240, USA
  • AEK, Soviet Union

    AEK, Soviet Union
  • FAMAS, France

    FAMAS, France
  • AKS-74U, Soviet Union

    AKS-74U, Soviet Union
  • Desert Egale, Israel

    Desert Egale, Israel
  • FN FNC

    FN FNC
  • Period: to

    Soviet-Afghan War

  • Spectre M4, Italy

    Spectre M4, Italy
  • Period: to

    Iran-Iraq War

  • Type-81, PR China

    Type-81, PR China
  • Period: to

    Contra War

  • Barett M82, USA

    Barett M82, USA
  • Glock 17, Austria

    Glock 17, Austria
  • C7, Canada

    C7, Canada
  • Period: to

    Falkland War

  • Period: to

    Libanon War

  • AI Arctic Warfare, Great Britain

    AI Arctic Warfare, Great Britain
  • Bren Ten, USA

    Bren Ten, USA
  • M16A2, USA

    M16A2, USA
  • F2, France

    F2, France
  • AR 70/90, Italy

    AR 70/90, Italy
  • L85, Great Britain

    L85, Great Britain
  • IMI Negev, Israel

    IMI Negev, Israel
  • Bofos Ak 5

    Bofos Ak 5
  • SIG SG550, Swizerland

    SIG SG550, Swizerland
  • Glock 18, Austria

    Glock 18, Austria
  • AS Val, Soviet Union

    AS Val, Soviet Union
  • Colt Delta Elite, USA

    Colt Delta Elite, USA
  • M24 SWS, USA

    M24 SWS, USA
  • VSS Vintorez, Soviet Union

    VSS Vintorez, Soviet Union
  • Period: to

    Somali Civil War

  • Sako TRG, Finland

    Sako TRG, Finland
  • Steyr TMP, Austria

    Steyr TMP, Austria
  • H&K USP, Germany

    H&K USP, Germany
  • Period: to

    Liberian Civil War

  • Period: to

    US Panama Ivasion

  • G11, West Germany

    G11, West Germany
  • HK MSG90, West Germany

    HK MSG90, West Germany
  • Fn P90, Belgium

    Fn P90, Belgium
  • M9, Italy

    M9, Italy
  • Jericho 941, Israel

    Jericho 941, Israel
  • Colt Anaconda, USA

    Colt Anaconda, USA
  • Period: to

    Second Gulf War

  • M4 Carbine, USA

    M4 Carbine, USA
  • Calico M960, USA

    Calico M960, USA
  • Mk.23, Germany

    Mk.23, Germany
  • MP 412 Rex, Russian Federation

    MP 412 Rex, Russian Federation
  • Period: to

    Yugoslav Wars

  • Period: to

    Sierra Leone Civil War

  • Hi-Point, USA

    Hi-Point, USA
  • MP-443 "Grach", Russian Federation

    MP-443 "Grach", Russian Federation
  • AK-101, Russian Federation

    AK-101, Russian Federation
  • AN-94, Russian Federation

    AN-94, Russian Federation
  • VSK-94, Russian Federation

    VSK-94, Russian Federation
  • PP-19 Bizon, Russian Federation

    PP-19 Bizon, Russian Federation
  • UDAR, Russian Federation

    UDAR, Russian Federation
  • Period: to

    First Chechen War

  • Type-95, PR China

    Type-95, PR China
  • AK-105, Russian Federation

    AK-105, Russian Federation
  • SiG P226, Switzerland

    SiG P226, Switzerland
  • SR-1 "Vektor", Russian Federation

    SR-1 "Vektor", Russian Federation
  • Vektor CP-1, South Africa

    Vektor CP-1, South Africa
  • Walter P99, Unified Germany

    Walter P99, Unified Germany
  • Period: to

    First Congo War

  • G36, Fedral Germany

    G36, Fedral Germany
  • AK-107, Russian Federation

    AK-107, Russian Federation
  • KSVK, Russian Federation

    KSVK, Russian Federation
  • Steyr Scout, Austria

    Steyr Scout, Austria
  • Metabe, Italy

    Metabe, Italy
  • SV-98, Russian Federation

    SV-98, Russian Federation
  • FN Five-Seven, Belgium

    FN Five-Seven, Belgium
  • Period: to

    Second Congo War

  • MG4, German Federation

    MG4, German Federation
  • UMP 45, Germany

    UMP 45, Germany
  • MP7, Germany

    MP7, Germany
  • Period: to

    Second Chechen War

  • TAR-21, Israel

    TAR-21, Israel
  • GSh-18, Russian Federation

    GSh-18, Russian Federation
  • FN F2000, Belgium

    FN F2000, Belgium
  • PKP Pecheneg, Russian Federation

    PKP Pecheneg, Russian Federation
  • M200 Intervention, USA

    M200 Intervention, USA
  • Brügger & Tomet MP9, Austria

    Brügger & Tomet MP9, Austria
  • H&K P2000, Unified Germany

    H&K P2000, Unified Germany
  • Period: to

    Afghan War

  • Mk.12 SPR, USA

    Mk.12 SPR, USA
  • AK-9, Russian Federation

    AK-9, Russian Federation
  • Type-03, PR China

    Type-03, PR China
  • XM8, Germany

    XM8, Germany
  • Period: to

    Iraq War

  • SCAR, Belgium

    SCAR, Belgium
  • HK416, German Federation

    HK416, German Federation
  • Robinson XCR, USA

    Robinson XCR, USA
  • PP-2000, Russian Federation

    PP-2000, Russian Federation
  • Period: to

    South Ossetian Conflict

  • VHS, Croatia

    VHS, Croatia
  • HK45, Germany

    HK45, Germany
  • ACR, USA

    ACR, USA
  • Kriss Vector, USA

    Kriss Vector, USA
  • FN FNP, Berlgium

    FN FNP, Berlgium
  • Ai AS50, Great Britain

    Ai AS50, Great Britain
  • M110, USA

    M110, USA
  • ARX-180, Italy

    ARX-180, Italy
  • AEK-999, Russian Federation

    AEK-999, Russian Federation
  • FMG-9, USA

    FMG-9, USA
  • Period: to

    Gaza War

  • X95, Israel

    X95, Israel
  • CZ-805, Czech Republic

    CZ-805, Czech Republic
  • MPT-76, Turkey

    MPT-76, Turkey
  • Scorpion Evo III, Czech Republic

    Scorpion Evo III, Czech Republic
  • Fn FNX, Belgium

    Fn FNX, Belgium
  • Chiappa Rhino, Italy

    Chiappa Rhino, Italy
  • Taurus Judge, Brasil

    Taurus Judge, Brasil
  • Kel-Tec PMR, USA

    Kel-Tec PMR, USA
  • Period: to

    Syrian Civil War

  • AK-12(200), Russian Federation

    AK-12(200), Russian Federation
  • SIG MCX, Germany

    SIG MCX, Germany
  • Strike One, Russian Federation

    Strike One, Russian Federation
  • SiG MPX, Germany

    SiG MPX, Germany
  • Period: to

    Ukrain Civil War

  • Period: to

    Yemeni Civil War

  • AK-12(400), Russian Federation

    AK-12(400), Russian Federation
  • MSBS, Poland

    MSBS, Poland
  • HK433, Germany

    HK433, Germany